How in Vibera (Vibera) change the phone number?

How in Vibera (Vibera) change the phone number?

  • To do this, you need to disable the current account, which can be found and done in the tab in addition. The next time you log in to the application, it will require activation of the number, enter a new number and activate the program, confirmations via SMS.

  • Change the phone number in the popular program for video conversations on smartphones can be the easiest way - removing this program and a new installation. Also it should be noted that all your data will be deleted. Also, you can do a little differently in the "quot; Settings; disable your account, thereby deleting the number. Next, all the new will have to do, too.

  • The easiest way is to remove the old program and reinstall it on your device.

    Another way: go to "; Menu"; next quot; Settings; . In the settings, select the "quot; Confidentiality; and click on the "disable account" button.

  • The simplest way change room in Viber is to remove the application from the device, clean the cache and reboot the device, and then a new installation of the program through the special. shop of games and programs.

    Well, as a second option, you can disable account in Wibera. When using this method, everything that was stored there is removed from the program memory. Therefore, before cleaning, copy or copy all the important information and contacts for you so that you can restore them in the new system. The phone is the next time you enter a new one, and Viber will tie it to the system.

    PS: in the second way, you need to search for the option to clear data from the system in the "quot;additionallyquot ;.

    • open the viber;
    • then click "addition";
    • then click "disable account" ;;
    • If the deletion succeeds, the Welcome screen appears;
    • the next time you enter, the vibe will ask for activation of the number, enter the number and confirm it via SMS;
  • You can simply reinstall the program (remove it and reinstall it).

    Well, if you do not want to do this, then just go to the "Quot;" menu ;, "settings"; and click on "privacy"; - And already here we disable the account. Have fun!)

    1. Open Viber.
    2. Click: Advanced.
    3. Click on the "Disconnect account" button.
    4. Account deactivation was successful if you opened the welcome screen.
    5. You can start installing Viber with a new number.
  • personally I did this not an ordinary thing like this:

    can be disabled in the settings and all data will be deleted, and the vibe service will be disabled on this device ... i.e. then just re-download the application ...

    wish you luck...

  • It is necessary in Viber (Viber) change the phone number, when you insert a new sim card, and the application has already been installed. But you can change the number without difficulty.

    The first way to change the phone number in Viber (Viber).

    Delete and reinstall Viber by downloading it again. But then the old correspondence will be deleted, so you need to save the history before activating the new number. Contacts in this case are all saved, since the application synchronizes all stored numbers with the phone book.

    The second way to change the phone number in Viber (Viber).

    • Turn on the Weiber app;
    • Select quot; Menu ;, then quot; Settings; and the tab "Privacy;";
    • Click the "Disconnect account" option.

    All personal data, including correspondence, selected settings and stickers, will be deleted.

  • Change room in Weiber quite simply.

    You must first deactivate your Weiber account, and then the installation of the application will start again. Then you just need to re-activate your account and simply enter a new number instead of the old one.

    How in Vibera (Vibera) change the phone number?

  • You can just reinstall the application on your smartphone. Or similarly as in the instagram it is done. in the advanced settings just log out of the account and log in with a different phone number

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