How to raise the efficiency in the World of Tanks?

How to raise the efficiency in the World of Tanks?

  • You have not specified what is currently the efficiency in your World of Tanks. Usually, to increase efficiency, there are standard ways. They strive to reduce the energy losses of the system due to friction of mechanical parts, heat loss, reduce the number of mechanical transmissions, or intermediaries of electric power transmission. Choose, the way that suits you best :))

  • To raise the efficiency, it is best to use tanks of 8-10 levels and for this there are still certain tanks that best of all increase efficiency, but the most important thing is your head and hands. Well, I will give advice, efficiency will raise LT well, since for the damage they cause, they will give more and so on. Well, I advise fans of TT to try to play on the EC-6.

  • The easiest way is to raise the efficiency in the game "; world of tanksquot; playing with a platoon or in a team with experienced players (necessarily with a link) or by going to play small levels with a crew from a tank of a large level (with a lot of pumped skills) and spending money on the gallets.

  • About the increase in efficiency can be read here.

    If the efficiency is implied Not only the numbers, but also the real ability to play, to benefit the team, then you need to learn the basics of tactics, many things are explained here, it is very useful to study video guides.

    A very good topic is: quot; Tactics for Dummies ;, it well describes all the basics of tactics that give advantages to an experienced player over a newcomer and yet, also the main elements that help to understand tactics.

  • To raise the efficiency and percentage of victories, try to play maximum on the 6 level tanks, because, on them, the ideal balance of damage and the percentage of victories.

    Try to play as a platoon, because your co-platoon can lead the fight to victory if they kill you.

    More play on preferential premium tanks.

    Find yourself good sovzvodnyh with good statistics, preferably above yours, which will allow them to learn from them. When you understand each other with a half-word, then your platoon will drag even the most complex fights and the percentage of victories and the efficiency at you will grow.

    It is important to remember, if a series of defeats is too big, it is better to leave the game without waiting for the end.

    It is very good to pump the crew faster, for example, with the help of shares.

    In combat, you must first think, and then act, keep track of what is happening on the minimap.

    An excellent article how to raise statistics and raise the efficiency is written here. Here's a good video on this topic.

  • It depends on what your experience is. If you play recently, then read here, if more than 1000, then you here, but in general play on a good familiarity with technology and always try to win. I, for example, skate YagTigra and t62.

  • The easiest way, if you have not yet discovered a lot of technology, did not buy a premium technique - start from the very beginning. You have already mastered the basics of the game, the new account from the very beginning will be better than the old one from the very beginning.

    And so, everything depends on your ability to control technology, knowledge of zones of penetration, shelters and ways of attack, retreat on maps. As a whole, from the knowledge of the game, without it, to earn good efficiency, going straight ahead in Malinovka with shouts of cheers for an attack is simply impossible.

  • After the release of 0,8,9, it wakes up easily if you play in team battles! Or play in the company!

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