How to enable the touchpad on a laptop: a comprehensive guide

Laptops are now an integral part of modern everyday life. They began to be used in offices, replacing bulky computers, it is convenient to work with them at home or to perform tasks at school. In kindergartens they are used for training and development of children. It is convenient to take them with you due to its compact size and low weight, while their technical data are at the level of desktop computers. Laptops can even be taken with you while on vacation or outdoor recreation.

Modern technology is developing quite rapidly, this also applies to companies producing laptops. Most modern models offered to customers have a touch panel. This innovation is intended to facilitate the work of the user and increase its efficiency. However, for proper operation, the touchpad of the laptop must be configured. This question is worth considering.

How to enable the touchpad on a laptop

The essence of the problem

Sales assistant consultants know how to turn on the touch panel on a laptop, so quite often when making a purchase in a specialized store, you will immediately get everything set up properly. However, sometimes it happens that the device is purchased with the hands, or the sellers did not have time to make the setting before you took it. In this case, you can turn on the touch panel on the laptop and configure it. Some touchpads are a solid surface, and some have special settings buttons. The panel is often made in the same color scheme or equipped with a zone on which the imitation of mouse buttons or vertical scrolling is clearly indicated.

How to enable Touchpad

Setting Features

По своей сути тачпад представляет собой аналог мыши, используемой для работы на обычном настольном компьютере. Рекомендуется доверять настройку специалистам, но вы и сами сможете справиться, если изучите все по порядку. Если вам не просто интересно, как включить сенсорную панель на ноутбуке, но и как ее настроить, то тут есть определенная последовательность действий. Для начала вам следует перейти в меню «Пуск», где отыскать Панель управления, либо нажать на значок тачпада в трее. После этого вы увидите вкладки, относящиеся к сенсорной панели. Именно тут производятся настройки скорости, с которой курсор будет двигаться по монитору, чувствительность тачпада, плотность давления на него, а также возможность для отключения или включения блокировки панели, если осуществляется ввод данных с клавиатуры. Кроме всего перечисленного, в панели управления предусмотрена такая возможность, как отключение или включение самой сенсорной панели.

Enable touch pad on laptop

Self tuning

Speaking about how to enable the touchpad on a laptop, it is worth noting that there are faster ways to do it. You can use certain key combinations. Usually the mouse starts its work after pressing FN + F9 or F5 + F7. It all depends on how the laptop and keys were configured previously. To enable the mouse, you need to simultaneously press one or another key combination, after which the touchpad will start working. Pressing the same combinations again will pause the mouse. Before you turn on the touchpad, you should check if there are any problems with its work as a whole. Quite often there are situations in which the touchpad does not respond to touch at all or does it very badly, sometimes there are problems with scrolling with a cursor that moves very badly.

Adjusting the touchpad of a laptop

Troubleshoot problems

To cope with the problem on your own, without consulting the specialists for help, you just need to reinstall the drivers, which will allow you to solve all the problems that have arisen. If this method does not help, then you should contact the service center, where the repair of such equipment. Included with each laptop is surely supplied a disc on which there are drivers for installing the touchpad. However, sometimes the touchpad is not listed in the device manager of the laptop. Before you enable the touchpad on a laptop, you need to check whether it is in the control panel. There are isolated cases when the drivers on the touchpad have not been installed.

To fix this problem, you should simply reinstall the drivers. If the touchpad never appeared in the device manager, it may just turn off. It is required to be included that will allow to resume normal work.

Subtlety of work

It is worth noting that using a laptop's touchpad requires certain skills, so you first need to practice a little to get used to using it. For beginners, there are instructions that describe how to configure the touchpad of a laptop, which is very helpful in further work.

Almost every laptop can connect a traditional optical mouse, but this technique is used very rarely. If, however, there is a need to connect such a device, it is necessary to choose the model that has a USB connector for connection. For such a manipulator, you most often do not need to install drivers. Now you know how to turn on the touchpad on a laptop and how to use it.

Как отключить Тачпад на ноутбуке?

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