How to crack a password on the iPhone?

How to crack a password on the iPhone?

  • It has long been no secret how you can crack the password into the iPhone. first you need to type 112, press the call key, and then immediately reject the call. Immediately lock and unlock the phone. We hold the lock button for a while. After the contact surfaced, take a picture. That's all.

  • To crack the iPhone password on OS 6.1.2 / 6.1 / 6.0.2 / 6.0.1 you can follow this video

    However, according to some commentators, some of the operations are superfluous and the same result can be achieved by performing the following actions

    How to crack a password on the iPhone?

  • Andrew did not try .. but now found on the internet .. to remove the password for this, just press Emergency Call, after three times press # and the call button (Call), and right after that the lock button (Lock). And the protection is removed after the application opens, for example, with a list of contacts.

  • Also heard that with the help of a simple combination of some actions the password will be removed ...

    The first thing we do is call an emergency service - the 112 number;

    Immediately quickly lock the phone and unlock, the speed of the lock depends on the success ...

    Immediately hold the lock button for a while and remove the screen screen after the contact ...

    Password hacked, now you can act ...

  • On any phone you can crack the password. For what purposes it is not important, but it is important how to do it. The iPhone hacking password is not complicated:

    • connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable;
    • copy the folder quot; Private_var_mobile_Library_Preferences_quot; on your computer;
    • find the file quot;; and re-encode it in the "; xml.plistquot ;;
    • open quot; xml.plistquot; and in the line> lt; key> PasswordProtectedlt; / key>

    lt; integer> 1lt; / integer> quot; instead of 1 we put 0;

    • save the file as ";; and overwrite it on your iPhone.
  • It is not possible to crack the password through the system. Apple has a very good security system. You can "bypass"; password, if the iPhone is activated Siri without a password. Then call Siri and ask her to call and the like.

    And to restore iPhone to the password, connect to iTunes and go back to the last backup.

  • Crack the password in iPhone for today, when many already use this device, it is possible.

    It turns out that the loophole of our folk craftsmen was found immediately.

    On the Internet, a lot of suggestions on this issue and they all give the opportunity to bypass the password quot; iPhone; and get access to it.

    It seems to me that this is the easiest way to do this:

    • turn on the device screen;
    • press the "Quit; emergency call ;;
    • Press and hold the power button until "Quit ;;
    • click on the "Quit ;;
    • dial any emergency number;
    • press the button to make a call and immediately cancel the action by dropping the call;
    • press the power button, and then "home"; button;
    • slide your finger over "Unlock" ;;
    • Press and hold the power button for about 4 seconds;
    • press the "Quit" button.

    After the work done, an application will open where you can view, check and accomplish much by cracking the password in the iPhone.

  • Indeed, already many iPhone owners and not only know how to unlock it, if it has a password. And this process is not very complicated. Do it (hack iPhone) is not very difficult.

    What should I do to hack the iPhone?

    First you need to click on the "quot; quot; Emergency callquot ;. We stop the call (click on the end of the call). After completing this action, we block (the upper button is Lock), and then immediately unlock the iPhone (the same button). Then hold the latch for a few seconds and that's it. In this simple way, you can crack the password on the iPhone.

  • There are quite a lot of different ways on the Internet, with which you can try to crack the password on the iPhone. Some of them are effective, others - no, without trying, it is difficult, of course, to understand. I suggest using this: we will try to crack the access code to the iPad from iTunes via recovery mode. The result is the loss of data from the iPad completely and the installation of the latest version from scratch.


    1. Click OK, and then click Recovery and Upgrade.
    2. Recover the iPad, let iTunes destroy the software and restore the iPad.
    3. Click the Continue button.
    4. Select Restore from this backup / Continue

    Now the iPad will work as before, but without an access code.

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