How to block a person in Odnoklassniki: everything about the black list

Today we will try to deal with you how to block a person in Odnoklassniki. Honestly, here the meaning may vary depending on our ideas. Or we are talking about the black list, or about blocking the user's access to all profiles (including his own). So let's consider both to block a person in classmates

What is "ignore"

But before blocking a person in Odnoklassniki, it’s worth talking about what we are going to deal with today. After all, it is always important to know what we face. This is the only way to take control of the whole situation.

Blacklist is a kind of ignoring of one or another user. That is, with respect to social networks, this means that the contact brought there will not be able to visit your profile. In addition, he will lose the ability to write you messages, as well as view your personal information. Instead, he will be shown a message about blacklisting. It is very convenient when someone bothers you very much on the Internet. Let's see how to block a person in Odnoklassniki.

Adding to the "Emergency"

Well, now we should consider our today's question in more detail. The thing is that there is a small number of rules that should be followed when a person is blacklisted. It is not very difficult, but nevertheless, without this, you will not be able to carry out the idea.

The first thing that is needed in order to answer how to block a person in Odnoklassniki is the presence of a working personal account on the social network. That is, without authorization, you can not get access to the functions of the site. In principle, this fact is to block access to classmates

The second interesting point is the presence of at least one message from the user whom you plan to "spell". In this and only in this case, it will be possible to think how to block a friend in Odnoklassniki. When you make sure that you want to deny the user access to your profile, you can get down to business.

To get started, log in. Is it done? Then go to your messages and carefully look at the letters of our "victim". There will be an inscription "Block" near the avatar. Select a person with a checkmark, and then click on this button. That's all. The user will no longer disturb you. True, there is another rather interesting point. Let's talk it over.

Full lock

Now it's worth talking to you about how to block access to "Classmates" to a particular user, including his own profile. That is, we sort of "cut off" him from the social network. It should be noted right away - this is not a particularly simple matter. Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible to implement it as soon as possible.

In general, in order to completely ban the visit to the social network, we will need to prove that the user is a fraudster or an unscrupulous person. Hacker, hacker, "inadequate" - anything. If there are a lot of complaints about him, then the site administration will surely “ignore” him. Thus, if you are thinking about how to block a person in Odnoklassniki once and for all - type a group of acquaintances (large, very large) and collectively start sending regular complaints about your chosen profile. Quite a long and unreliable to block a friend in classmates


And here is another method that can help. This is about account stealing or hacking. The thing is that this method is quite often used by fraudsters. If you want to cover someone’s access to the social network, then you just need to hack it.

If you own the basics of programming, you can try to do it yourself. Otherwise, it would be best to download a program that supposedly expands the capabilities of Odnoklassniki, and then install it on the victim’s computer. As soon as the user enters his username and password into it, he will be hacked. That's all. Now you know how to block a person in Odnoklassniki in every sense.


Читать Чужую переписку в Одноклассниках

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