How to fill the car in “Samp”? Teams refueling in “Samp”

San Andreas is a fairly large city, which moves a huge number of people, such users as you. And you will definitely need to get from one point to another. As long as you have little money, you have to spend a lot of time to get to the right place on foot. When you have at least some means, you can in extreme cases use the services of a taxi driver - they are quite inexpensive and can be very useful when you are in a hurry, or you need to get to a remote location. The cost of a taxi does not vary depending on the distance, so this service is very useful. But a successful resident of San Andreas is one who has his own car. Only for this you need to have certain skills and knowledge. For example, you should know how to fill up the car in Samp, because, unlike the single player mode, in multiplayer everything is much closer to reality.

Gasoline use

how to fill the car in samp

As everyone knows, in the single "GTA: San Andreas" everything adheres to the canons of the series - you can steal a car or buy it, drive it around the city, but all that can happen to it is it will break and eventually explode. You can repair it, and you can throw and take a new one. You do not need to think about gasoline, do not worry about how to fill the car. In Samp, everything is completely different - multiplayer is close to reality, and the cars here consume fuel, the level of which you need to monitor. If you do not notice that you run out of gas, you run the risk that your car stalls in the middle of the road. Then you have to apply for towing services or ask for help from other drivers and so on. Therefore, it is important that you always be aware of how much fuel you have in the tank, and also know how to fill up the car in Samp.

The first step

car colors in samp

As in all other cases, it is necessary to fill the car taking into account some factors and conditions. If you do not observe them, nothing will come of it, so at first they should be memorized and honed until it reaches automatism. The first step to learning how to refuel a car at Samp is to study the distance. Many players try to fill cars from different positions, but they make a mistake - they don’t get close enough to the car. So the first prerequisite is the maximum proximity to the car, and there is no difference where you stand. You do not need to look for the fuel tank among the textures of the car and become specifically next to it - you can stand where you are comfortable, but close to the car, this is the key to success. But remember that here we are talking exclusively about self-refueling cars, in other cases you do not even need to think about anything, because professionals will do everything for you. They change the colors of the machines in Samp, fill them with fuel, repair them, and you just enjoy and pay money.

The simplest way - refueling

refueling in sump

In the "Sampo" there are several ways to fill the fuel tank of your car. If you decide that the colors of the machines in Samp are not important to you, then it is better not to go to the auto mechanic, but to visit the automated refueling. This is the easiest option, since it does not require anything from you, except the knowledge of the necessary team. You call in for refueling, and in the console type the command fill - and this leads to the fact that your tank is filled, and the required amount of money is withdrawn from your account. Simple and convenient, but this method has its drawback - in any case, you will have to somehow get to the desired point on your own. Refueling in the "Samp" are quite common, but you have to get there when there is still fuel in your car. If not, then you have to look for other ways.

Manual refill

refueling teams in samp

It happens that the game does not work out all clear, and gasoline ends right on the road. What to do then? After all, before refueling you will not reach in any way, and this option becomes irrelevant. The refueling teams at Samp are much more diverse, and you have more than one opportunity to fill your car's tank. If you have a gas canister available, then everything becomes easier. You need to take the canister and, always keeping in mind advice about the proximity to the car, enter the command fillcar in the console. This team is responsible for filling the car with a canister, so it is different from the one that you need to enter when you call at the gas station. It is also a convenient and effective method, but it naturally works only when you have a canister in your inventory. Otherwise, you will have to use some other way or find someone who would lend you some gasoline from your canister. Friendship and mutual aid are important terms, “Samp” is built on understanding, but only if you meet the right person, and you yourself behaved with dignity. It is unlikely that someone will help fuel a member of the gang, which is actively hooligans and made a rustle in areas of the city.

Additional possibility of refueling at the mechanic

terms samp

In the "Sampo" there is a profession mechanic, and its role is also played by real people who play on your chosen server. It is to the mechanic that you are going if your car has received certain damage, or you want to change its color. However, the mechanic can also refuel your car, but none of the above commands will work for this. If you yourself are a mechanic, then at the player's request you can activate the refill command via the console, which will fill the tank of the car to which it is directed. But this command is not final - when receiving a request for refueling from a mechanic, the driver must type the accept refill command in order to agree to refueling. Only then will everything end successfully.

Alternative keys

In one of the latest updates, the developers tried to significantly simplify the handling of cars - they introduced the ability to fix the basic functions of the machines for specific buttons. Thus, you can start the engine, turn on the headlights and perform other actions not by using commands, but by pressing a button. Key i in this case is responsible for fueling. If you do not want to use these innovations, you can always disable them through the game menu.

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