How to choose an 24 inch monitor?

Choosing a monitor for a personal computer sometimes turns into a real torture for many potential buyers, because this market is full of models in different price categories. Do not forget about advertising different brands in the media - each manufacturer insists on modern technologies and great functionality of its product.

select a 24 inch monitor

Actually choosing an 24 inch monitor is very easy. The main thing is to approach the purchase correctly and make a list of priorities, focusing on which you can eliminate 99% modifications. In this article, the reader will learn how to choose the right monitor for your needs.

We break stereotypes

The computer market imposes a price policy to all buyers where classes exist: budget, gaming, elite business - this is all ordinary marketing, which offers an unnecessary product to the consumer. Indeed, in the expensive segment there may be a well-known brand that is equipped with old technologies (the buyer pays for the expensive name and gets a device with a TN matrix). And the low-cost segment offers an affordable 24 inch monitor with a modern display. It will be more logical to choose a device for the buyer with the IPS-matrix, because in the end it’s not so important who produced it, the warranty applies to all equipment. That is, you need to start with the quality of the display and its technical characteristics.

LCD parameters

The first step is to decide on the display resolution, because the standard FullHD parameter (1920x1080 dpi) has become the lower quality threshold for all monitors. Naturally, the limit is the UltraHD resolution (3840x2160). I would like to choose many 24 inches monitor with such characteristics, but not every buyer will be able to get it, because such a device has a corresponding, huge cost. Therefore, the owner should think about whether he needs such permission.

monitor 24 inch select

First of all, the UltraHD matrix is ​​chosen by creative people, who, when working, have to deal with high-quality graphic objects (artists, photographers, designers). High-resolution monitors are also popular with fans of modern resource-intensive games. Many vendors also impose UltraHD monitors and ordinary users, offering to watch movies in maximum quality, however, as practice shows, for 24 inches, video resolution settings are not critical - 1920х1080 dpi is quite enough.

Decent type of matrix

Full color rendering and wide viewing angles are the basic criteria that any 24 inch monitor should have. It is better to choose in the market from the presented models a representative with a modern IPS-matrix. This technology perfectly copes with color rendition and provides an opportunity to contemplate a picture from any angle, without any distortion.

which monitor to choose 24 in.

As an alternative to IPS technology, there is another type of matrix on the market - AHVA (144 Hz). The company's proprietary development of ASUS promises to oust a similar competitor, promising buyers that the matrix of a new type is not so demanding for power consumption. One step away from the best manufacturers of LCD screens behind Korean companies. Their MVA and PVA technologies demonstrate excellent color reproduction, but have some limitations in screen resolution (FullHD).

Technologies of the last century

To choose a monitor 24 inches with TN + Film matrix today offer manufacturers who have placed their products in the budget segment. The lowest quality matrix still enjoys success in the corporate segment, because, in an effort to save on costs, many enterprises provide jobs for users. Also, monitors with an inexpensive matrix are looking for people who need a computer for home use: surfing the Internet, watching videos and social networking.

monitor 24 inch IPS choose

There is no sense in discouraging the purchase of a cheap monitor of the future owner, because so far there is simply no alternative in this price segment. One has only to note that the low-quality matrix has problems with color rendition, contrast and viewing angles, which, when used on a daily basis, impair the user's vision.

Signal Transmission

Monitor 23 (24) inch choose for home use - it is not as simple as it seems. IT professionals recommend paying attention to products with a digital interface. Indeed, in addition to high-quality color and screen resolution, the role played by the signal transmitted from a personal computer. The D-Sub analog interface (VGA) has a number of flaws that ultimately impair the user's vision. The problem lies in the blinks of the display, which are created by interference from electronics located near the monitor (speakers, mobile phones and smartphones, printers and tablets).

monitor 23 24 inch select

Preference is better to devices with digital video input (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort). First, this interface allows you to display a picture at high resolutions. The second indisputable factor is the color rendition - the signal is not lost and is not lost by the noise of the electronics located near the monitor.

Additional interfaces

If the work of the future owner requires a permanent connection of removable media, then many sellers offer buyers wishing to purchase an 24 inch monitor to choose Samsung or LG. The fact is that these manufacturers were the first to think of supplying their devices with a USB interface. Accordingly, the user monitor turns into a full-fledged USB hub with card reader function. It is very convenient during operation to connect flash drives, portable disks, printers, scanners and mobile smartphones to the monitor case, and not to be confused by the multitude of wires coming from the system unit. Recently, a trend in equipping an LCD device with a USB interface was supported by some well-known manufacturers, although the additional interface unreasonably increased the cost of monitors.

Mounting capabilities of displays

Often, the cost of the device depends on the possibilities of mounting the display on the wall, especially if it is an 24 inch IPS monitor. Choose a LCD screen with a VESA mount offer all manufacturers who have placed their products in the segment of the business class. It is rather strange that budget monitors are not provided with the required mounting functions, because it is not difficult to make holes in the back cover of the 4.

24 inch monitor choose Samsung

As a result, only owners of expensive monitors can be content with the amenities of the 21st century. In all devices with the possibility of installation, the VESA 100х100 standard is provided for mounting. It should be noted that all monitors that can be mounted on the wall are equipped with at least three video inputs (HDMI is always present). This approach allows you to use the device in the form of a TV.

About the colors of life

Recently, an 24 inch monitor can be selected on the market for similar devices with the presence of a touchscreen display. Previously, such gadgets were available only in business class, because their overpriced prices did not allow ordinary users to purchase such a miracle. Recently, the price of sensory monitors has decreased significantly, and many parents have become interested in devices who wish to educate their child with the help of high technology.

For touch monitors, there are quite a few programs. Most of them are educational in nature, which indicates that the device is still designed for children, not adults. Manufacturers of operating systems, also seeking to conquer the market, have focused on supporting computer management with the help of screen touches.

And what about brands?

So nevertheless how to choose an 24 inch monitor? Many give preference, for example, to a particular manufacturer. It is quite natural and to discourage buyers in this article does not make sense. However, a potential buyer needs to learn something about the physical damage of the matrix and the guarantees that provide, at first glance, serious brands.

24 inch monitor choose with IPS matrix

Понятие «битый пиксель» появилось на заре XXI века, с первыми ЖК-мониторами и существует до сих пор, называясь заводским браком. Каждый изготовитель в своей гарантии к дисплею, прописывает число битых пикселей, которое должна содержать матрица (для обмена на новое устройство). В качестве примера: лишь компании Pioneer и DreamVison готовы предоставить пользователю новый монитор при появлении одного битого пикселя. Брендам Hitachi, Sharp и Panasonic нужно для этого 10 бракованных пикселей. А вот остальные компании выполнят условия договора лишь при наличии 50 битых пикселей.

In conclusion

Customers who are worried about how to choose an 24 inch monitor should first turn a blind eye to the advertisements and advice of the seller, who is ultimately an interested person (after all, its profit is directly proportional to the price of the device). First you need to decide on a budget - at what cost the buyer can count. Matrix type is also important, because it will cost much more to restore sight surgically. Only after comparing all the facts you can purchase a monitor of your dreams.

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