Does anyone use Bitcoin's purse on WebMoney?

Does anyone use Bitcoin's purse on WebMoney?

  • The fact that the payment system webmoney, namely the purse bitcoin in another measures Satoshi, and bitcoin is divided into 1000 wmx, it follows that neither 1 nor 100 satoshs will not see on wmx purse.

  • Where did this come from? Just because money does not come to WebMoney

    Your plans are correct.

    If you have 0.08 on the WMX purse, then at the time of my reply 1 WMX = 0.0005 BTC = 0.13 $.

    You can withdraw from WMX to bitcoin here (but I do not know if this is a profitable course, maybe where it's better to eat.) This is the official way.

  • I use the Bitcoin purse on WebMoney in order to save WMR rubles from inflation, because the ruble is constantly falling, and Bitcoin is growing. As soon as I receive rubles (WMR) on Webmoney, I immediately transfer them to Bitcoins (WMX), thereby saving rubles from falling. And when they need to spend, then bring them to plastic card and spend in shops where they accept payment by card. There are other options for exchanging bitcoins for rubles, but I consider using the payment card, the most convenient and safe.

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