Is it possible to calculate a person on page Vk?

Is it possible to calculate a person on page Vk?

  • If you have a specific page of a person and you want to know his name, you can create a fake page with photos of some model and start to get acquainted with the necessary profile. Gradually you will be able to get the information you need, including the city of residence, name, phone number, and possibly a surname.

    No other way.

  • If a person uses anonymous VPN connection, then the probability to calculate is not that of a particular person, but the device from which this person sits is close to zero.

    If the person sits through the left page (without VDN), then you can try to find it by ip - address. By IP, you can calculate the region, region and even a specific computer. But to find out who the computer was sitting in a certain war, you can tell only the eyewitnesses.

  • Find a person in a social network Vkontakte without photos, information and friends, it is almost impossible to only try to calculate it by the number of the IP-address, if you know it then on this number on the condition that the person does not use an anomaly, or the IP proxy to calculate his computer is possible .

  • No, you won’t be able to find out anything, - in the absence of all the information, consider that the user is as if not, - zilch. If there was at least one friend, they could write to him, but not a fact, maybe a friend is the same with a blank page. And, as you write, the emptiness is complete, which means it is a complete zero chance of learning something.

  • It depends on how to search. You can find it, but you need some data, information and actions.

    1. Recognize the IP trail that leaves any device from which you visit the site
    2. Find out which region and operator provides access to the Internet
    3. Calculate where the Internet connection was made
    4. We investigate who was sitting behind the device

    There is another option to compare who is under this IP-address where he went, maybe a person has two accounts in VKontakte, then you can calculate it without leaving the computer.

    But for this you need to have access to the IP-addresses of the pages, I do not know how you can do this to a normal person, but for VKontakte users it's no problem.

  • In our time, everything is possible. Only here, if you are not a programmer, not authorized by the court and not the police, then you are unlikely to be able to do this, since there is absolutely no information on the person on the page vkontakte, in other words, it's just just a fake,

  • Pages in social networks, including vkontakte, on which there are no photos (or it's just pictures from the Internet), no friends, no groups, no entries - called fake. Find out who created this page is very difficult. There is an opportunity to learn the IP-address, but these numbers will not give much information - only the city.

  • If you are looking for judicial authorities then you can. They go to the server and see who does what. It is visible to everyone who climbs on what sites. Therefore, smart figures use the hidden Internet.

    If a person does not have anything, then one can try a nickname from this page or the name may be lucky.

    I somehow found a man just by his name and surname, he signed a petition as a child. There was his post. By mail, I found an account in some kind of network. There was his nickname. By nickname, all his modern profiles. So there are lots of options.

    To see this profile would then be easier to answer.

  • The only way in this case to calculate a person on his Vkontakte page is to initially push him directly from his IP-address. It is necessary to calculate from which ip it comes to the site. Well, we are looking further for the location of this address.

  • Most likely not, well, unless of course his profile does not have a home address! =)

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