Some keys with letters do not work on the laptop. What to do?

Some keys with letters do not work on the laptop. What to do?

  • To the buttons on the keyboard of your laptop did not stick and they came to life again, you can resort to the following solutions to the problem:

    Simple options for people who are afraid to break a laptop:

    • service center,
    • buy a keyboard with usb-interface and work through it.

    The options are slightly more complicated:

    1. Enter the make and model of your laptop, complete the instructions for parsing. Select a photo or video manual and slowly perform the actions that will help to remove the keyboard. Here the main aspect is not to damage the cable from the keyboard. As soon as you remove the keyboard - carefully clean it, attach the cable back (until you collect the laptop), turn on the laptop and test in the text editor (word, notebook, wordpad) buttons. If some sealed, but not all, repeat the cleaning procedure. Once all the buttons work properly, build a laptop.
    2. If the buttons are pressed, but no program responses are visible (perhaps the rubber bands have frayed, the tracks are damaged, etc.), then you can order a replacement keyboard (analog) or an identical model (but they are more expensive) with aliexpress (previously similar keyboards cost about 1000 rubles., Now the dollar rate has grown and prices are also). Enter the model of the keyboard and search. If you are not sure about the dimensions - write a letter to the seller, he will consult you regarding dimensions, delivery and other issues. As soon as the keyboard has come, in the same way connect a loop and collect a laptop.

    Note: if you find the keyboard, but it's English-speaking (Russian buttons are not embossed on it), you can order transparent Russian letters from the same aliexpress for a penny. Stuck and use.

  • It is possible that the keyboard just jammed from the dust and therefore it began to work badly, but unfortunately the keyboard most often burns out, especially if it is not of high quality, I advise you to clean it, or even vacuum it, and if it does not help you carry a laptop to fix it.

  • Even if you do not eat anything at the computer, all the same, the keyboard is stuffed with dust, which interferes with the activation of the keys. To solve the problem - just vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner, then shake the laptop properly and again vacuum it.

    Well, as an option - connect an external keyboard via USB, it will duplicate the built-in keyboard. It is worth such quot; klavaquot; inexpensive (more or less convenient options - from 500-600 rubles), but it is much more convenient to use, the keyboard itself is much more durable, the replacement of e does not present any difficulties, and the distance from the screen is ergonomically more comfortable than when working on the built-in keyboard. Personally, I have external "patches" connected to laptops.

  • If some keys do not work on the laptop, you should remove the keyboard and clean the contacts, check the cable, it may be damaged.

    If the cleaning did not help you go better and buy a new quality keyboard, it is inexpensive.

  • There were two good options for solving the problem with the keyboard, but there is a third option. Buy the keyboard as part of the model of your laptop and replace it yourself. In principle, this is not such a Chinese diploma. The video provided is just an example. And you can search for video instructions for your model.

  • There are two options. One for the rich - you carry the laptop to the service center and you change the keyboard to a new one. Very expensive.

    The second for the rest - buy in the computer store any that you like, a keyboard with a USB interface (a connector like a flash drive), connect it to a laptop and work.

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