Weapons Warface: how to open?

Team actions, professional skill - all this is very important when you play a team shooter, such as Varface. However, do not forget about what, in principle, is based on any shooter, namely about the weapon. In this game there is quite a lot of it, but the problem is that even the simplest cannons will have to be opened. Therefore, many players have questions about how to get a Warface weapon. In fact, everything is not so difficult - you only need to understand the principle of the system of obtaining weapons in the game, and you can easily earn yourself the trunks that you like and need.

Types of weapons in "Varfeys"

warface weapon

Warface weapons are divided into three types - ordinary, rare and rare. Naturally, conventional weapons are the cheapest, but they are also the least effective. Therefore, you, of course, should focus on obtaining the highest quality weapons, but for this you will have to try hard. After all, the problem is that you will need to open all the existing weapons Warface. In some games, such as the old version of Counter Strike, you could buy, for money earned in a round, any gun that was on the side for which you went. Here everything is completely different - and yet, how to open a weapon in Warface?

Work with providers

Weapons Warface: how to open?

So, you need to figure out how to get new weapons. First of all, it is worth understanding that you can purchase Warface weapons from suppliers, and there are only three of them. One offers you equipment, the other - equipment, and the third, respectively, trunks. The system works as follows: before the start of each battle, you are invited to choose the supplier with whom you will have a reputation in line with your actions on the battlefield. And if you play well, then the reputation of the supplier will grow. What will it give you? All the weapons you can get in the game are from the supplier - but all of them are hidden, you cannot get them. But with an increase in reputation, you will gradually be opened first with more expensive conventional weapons, then rare, and then already rare. Naturally, each barrel will cost money that you also earn in battles, but if you buy a gun, then it remains with you forever. But here you should pay attention to the fact that the weapon Warface has one interesting feature - it has wear indicators.

Worn and repaired weapons

warface weapon bytes

Now you know how to knock out weapons in Warface - this is done by successful actions on the battlefield, which leads to an increase in reputation with the supplier. Buying a weapon gives it to you in perpetual possession, but here there is one important point - with constant use of the barrel you will have to repair it. Naturally, the more expensive the weapon, the more it will cost to repair it. Also, wear affects even the appearance of the gun - it becomes worn, with traces of experienced battles, and for many players this is very much appreciated. But it’s still worth repairing a weapon, because otherwise it can lead you into battle or even break.

Getting weapons from the boxes

how to knock out weapons in warface

There is another way to get a weapon without spending the money you earned. To do this, you need to hope for good luck - in battle, you may fall in a random way box, which can be anything, including weapons. In the inventory you will need to select the received box and open it, after which you will receive a message about what exactly you found inside. The chance of getting weapons from the boxes in Warface is the same as any other items, so do not expect that in each box you will fall on the trunk. Also keep in mind that rare and rare weapons come across this way much less frequently than usual. So you have to open a lot of boxes to find something worthy there - although if you’re lucky in your life, you can drop something good right the first time.

Replacing weapons

Above were described legal ways to get weapons in the game, but do not forget that there are also cheats. Naturally, their use is prohibited by the rules and severely punished, but if you are willing to take risks, you can get any type of weapon at any time. Replacing weapons in Warface is not the most difficult process, for this you only need to download a special program that will make it possible to replace the values ​​in the game. After that you need to download the list of codes of all weapons in bytes, as it is written in the game. Warface weapon bytes are program information about them that you will change. Go to a deserted place where there will be no other players who could have the same weapon as you, for example, on the training ground, launch the program, enter into it the bytes corresponding to the selected weapon, and start the search. The program will find in the game all the active bytes - if you choose the location correctly, then only one result will be displayed. Change it to that byte code that interests you, save it, and you will have a completely different weapon in the game.

Opening vendors in Warface (Guide)

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