Error Internet connection error: what to do and how to fix the problem in the simplest ways?

To meet the situation with the loss of communication, when the Internet connection is broken, you can quite often. Disconnection most often occurs through no fault of the user. What to do if writes "Internet connection error" (meaning the warning contained in the system message), we now and see. Moreover, we will try to make out the main causes of such situations and pay attention to possible methods for their elimination.

Internet connection error: what to do?

So, if we consider the main causes of Internet disconnection, most often among them the priority is occupied by the penetration of viruses into the computer, executable applets called Malware and Adware, as well as incorrect configuration of the connection itself.

internet connection error what to do

Now we will proceed from the assumption that everything is in order with the payment for the services of the provider, and the network equipment works without failures. Although, in general, in some cases, when the message about no connection is constantly displayed, it may be necessary to reinstall the drivers of network devices or set the correct parameters of the router, such as a router, if there are network connections.

System Restore

If the failure occurred for no reason at all, before everything worked like a clock, and now the message Internet connection error appears on the screen, what to do, it will be clear if you pay attention to the time when this situation occurred.

what to do if you write internet connection error

Indeed, you never know what settings "flew." The easiest way to fix a problem is to simply roll back the system to a checkpoint, but in the time interval it may be earlier than the time of the failure.

Scan for viruses and malware

Now let's see what to do if the first method did not give anything, and the system again issues a warning Internet connection error. What to do? It is mandatory to check the system for viruses using some portable version of the program (after all, the installed antivirus could already miss the threat).

As a package, you can take KVRT, the best proven in the field of portable applications. In addition, with a regular antivirus conflicts are completely excluded.

internet connection error what to do

But such utilities can also not detect potentially unwanted software, replacing the original HOSTS file or making its own entries in it. In this case, you will need to use utilities like Adware Cleaner or something similar.

Check connection settings

If no potential or existing threats are detected, you can check the settings for the connection itself. Suppose the system again issues a warning such as Internet connection error. What to do now?

what to do if you write internet connection error

You need to go to the connection properties and check the TCP / IP protocol settings. It is desirable (which is used in most cases) to use automatic retrieval of IP addresses and a DNS server. Sometimes it is worth paying attention to using a proxy. If the provider does not support the provision of such services, the proxy server must be disabled (uncheck the corresponding box). In the extreme case, you need to enter the correct values ​​for all the fields involved (the provider provides them when connecting the user's computer to the Internet or the system administrator in the case of network terminals).

Using special recovery utilities

In addition to all the above, if the user does not want or can’t work to fix the problem on his own, special programs for restoring the Internet connection and everything connected with it can help.

internet connection error what to do

One of the most simple and interesting automated utilities is the Complete Internet Repair program. By and large, the user only needs to start the scanning process for problems, and then activate their correction. In both processes, user involvement is minimized.


Naturally, this is not all the reasons that may affect the Internet disconnection. Let's just say: here were considered the most frequently encountered regular and abnormal situations. But, as you can see, the ways to fix the problem are in most cases quite simple and can be performed by a user of any level of training.

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