Play Market: 495 error. How to fix a crash with the simplest methods?

Almost all owners of smartphones or tablets based on the Android operating system may experience the fact that the built-in Google Play service may fail when downloading or updating applications. One of the most common issues in the Play Market is the 495 error. Immediately we can say that the solutions proposed below are applicable for most failures of the 400 and 600 series. Problems with connecting via Wi-Fi or failures on the part of the provider will not be considered now, because the problem itself is usually not the beginning.

Play Market: 495 error. We clean the cache and free up space on the internal drive.

So, a message indicating this failure can only indicate that for some reason content download is impossible.

play market error 495

In the simplest case, this is due to the lack of disk space and the overflow of the Play Market service cache. The 495 error does not directly indicate this, but it is often associated with this. For starters, you can delete unused applications or files that are too large (photos, videos, music, etc.).

play market for computer

Then you should use the settings menu, select the application section, find the corresponding service in it, enter the settings and press the clear cache button, additionally deleting data.

Google Play Market: 495 error code. Remove updates

If the above actions do not give the desired result to eliminate the problem, then this is not the problem. As it turns out, the 495 error in the Play Market may occur due to incorrectly installed updates of the service itself, when updates were not fully downloaded or installed incorrectly due to communication problems.

google play market 495 error code

In the same section where the cache was cleared, there is an uninstall button. Do not worry, clicking on it will not remove the service completely, but only uninstalls the latest updates. After that, you will need to make an internet connection, and new updates will be found and installed automatically.

Change the settings of the DNS servers used to connect

Another situation that applies to both mobile devices and cases when the Play Market version is used for a computer may be due to the lack of response of DNS servers (either incorrect settings have been made or the automatically obtained parameters for some reason do not work).

play market error 495

In this situation, you can change these settings by setting default values ​​for Google services. For DNS 1 on a mobile device (on your computer the preferred DNS), a combination of four eights is installed. For DNS 2 (alternative DNS on the computer) a combination of two eights and two fours is written. Addresses can be swapped.

In mobile devices, these settings can be found in the Wi-Fi settings, where a network change with advanced settings is selected, and then the transition to the IP settings takes place (here, instead of DHCP, you first need to set a custom mode).

On a computer, a similar configuration is located in the section for changing network adapter settings with the selection of TCP / IPv4 protocol properties.

Delete or re-create your google account

Наконец, если и это не помогает, можно воспользоваться кардинальным методом – удалить свою регистрацию для сервисов Google, затем перезагрузить мобильный девайс, а при подключении в сети создать «учетку» заново или использовать старый аккаунт с вводом соответствующего адреса электронной почты Gmail. В принципе, любой из этих методов способен устранить проблему невозможности загрузки данных из сервиса Play Market. Если посоветовать какое-то конкретное решение, лучше выполнить все решения последовательно, ведь удаление регистрации является уже самым крайним методом, когда все остальное не помогает. Но если разобраться, как правило, до этого дело не доходит.

Что делать если Play Market пишет \

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