Why does scrolling not work: a touchpad on a laptop?

Computer technology is firmly established in our daily lives. Each person uses the technique for different purposes to meet basic needs. Someone can use a computer for work, others make purchases via the Internet, but most use a computer as entertainment or a means of communication. Among the latter group of users the most popular are such a type of computer as a laptop.

The advantages and disadvantages of laptops. What more?

One of the advantages of a laptop over a regular computer is the presence of a battery for offline use. However, in order to clearly show the ratio of the number of advantages to disadvantages, it is necessary to relate them to each other.

The touchpad does not work on a laptop

Among the shortcomings of modern laptops, you can highlight the features of the touch panel. On many models, very often there is a situation when scrolling does not work (touchpad on a laptop). About the solution to this problem will be discussed below.

The second advantage of laptops is their small size. But in this situation, the user must understand that he has to sacrifice something. In particular, to reduce the size of a computer, manufacturers are forced to use sophisticated manufacturing techniques for basic components, which subsequently lead to an increase in the cost of the laptop itself.

Someone prefers this modification due to the reduced size and low weight. However, these figures seriously affect the performance of the hardware, which is highly valued today.

the touchpad on the laptop does not work scrolling acer

In favor of the use of laptops tend to have such functionality as a Wi-Fi-adapter, built-in camera with a microphone and an integrated speaker system. However, some manufacturers sometimes save on acoustics, so lovers of good and clear sound have to additionally connect speakers.

As you can see, for each advantage you can pick up the corresponding disadvantage. Therefore, it should be concluded that the number of advantages is approximately equal to the number of disadvantages. However, most people, choosing between a regular computer and a laptop, tend more to the second option due to the convenience of use in any place. And in most cases they are not at all frightened by the situation when a problem may arise that scrolling does not work.

The touchpad on the laptop does not work: the main reasons. Solutions

So we smoothly approached the question of why scrolling does not work. The touchpad on the laptop actually washes fail for various reasons. However, in order not to contact the service, they need to be considered and assimilated the main solutions. Thus, you will save your time and money, which you can spend with pleasure on more important things.

touchpad on laptop does not work scrolling hp

So, the first and main reason for which scrolling does not work (touchpad on a laptop) is a problem with the driver. There are several solutions. The first one is to try restarting the computer. Sometimes it happens that when the operating system is loaded, the touch-pad driver does not have time to boot. If the problem persists after a reboot, you need to check the driver itself. To do this, open Computer Properties, find the name of the touchpad in the device list, open its properties and view driver information.

The second reason, when scrolling does not work (the touchpad on the laptop in this case is not broken), may be as follows. Some models are equipped with a special button on / off touch-panel. Therefore, you need to make sure that the touchpad function is activated by pressing this button.

The third option for scrolling failure is a device conflict. This happens if you use a conventional mouse connected via a USB connector. It is necessary to turn off the device and check if there is still a problem.

What are the problems of various brands?

Asus models feature high reliability. Manufacturers pay special attention to the technologies used. And even if the touchpad on the laptop does not work (scrolling), Asus models they assume that the arisen problems are connected with the operating system, but not with the hardware.

the touchpad on the laptop does not work scrolling asus

For the Hewlett Packard brand, the situation described is also possible. When the touchpad on a laptop does not work (scrolling), HP services often call clogging of the panel with small particles of garbage as the main reason.

Is a budget option always good?

Acer low-cost laptops also very often fall into the hands of repair service specialists. And one of the reasons has already been described earlier - the touchpad driver. Is the Acer scrolling not working on the laptop? You need to check the version of the installed driver and do the steps described above. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the service.

It is for Acer laptops that the touchpad may not work without a deliberate reason. The performance can be impaired even by the settings of the "Bios" or loss of contact with the cable connecting the panel.

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