Is it true that Mayakovsky wrote obscene poems?

Is it true that Mayakovsky wrote obscene poems?

  • I myself was surprised, but many of the famous poets wrote obscene poems. Not only Mayakovsky has obscene poems, Pushkin, Lermontov also dabbled with this ... Shevchenko has a poem, it seems "Bath"; is called. There is another "Ode to ... dequot ;, yes, it's called." Many poets were opened to me on the other hand and it surprised me. I did not think it was their work, but knowing their style and syllable, you can believe it. By the way, I talked with a circle of modern poets. Many of them tried themselves in the work with profanity. Only they do not present their verses for a general hearing, and if one of them perpetuates and becomes known for many years, then surely such lines will pop up and appear to the world, surprising the readers to whom these writers were not known from this side.

  • Despite your disappointment, this is indeed a poem by Mayakovsky with the designation of male and female genitalia. By the way, all his obscene or indecent vocabulary, Mayakovsky subordinated the construction of socialism, so to speak, he swore and swore, but was politically sustained in the spirit of the line of the CPSU (b) of that time. Even describing his amorous feats, Mayakovsky did not forget about politics.

    Night. I'm lying on someone else's wife.

    The blanket stuck to the p.

    I make my son a native country

    To spite the bourgeois Europe!

    This is also Mayakovsky. In general, all the big and small poets wrote poems with profanity, from Pushkin to Voznesensky (even in Soviet times Voznesensky had a mate that was almost not veiled, but understood this text, which was publicly available, from magazine to books, only able to read and write poetry).

  • Yes, Mayakovsky wrote obscene poems. Mostly, mats appeared in verses about women. Just did not carry the writer with the women, so he cursed in his poems.

    And here you go Verses of Mayakovsky with mats and in vulgar words:

    Is it true that Mayakovsky wrote obscene poems?

  • I think yes. From the obscene verses of Mayakovsky I know only the one you indicated in the question. I very much believe that he wrote it. And if not him, then what? Someone very much wanted to "kokosit"; under it, inserting obscene lines .. It is unlikely, I think. I like this verse.

    -Do you like roses? And I'm on them C @ al.

    The country needs locomotives, we need metal!

    The worker, on ahai, do not heed, do not drive the bridle

    Kohl fulfilled the plan, send everyone to @@@ y

    Did not do it, go to x @ th

    Or at Esenin:

    Life as a horse hold on the bridle

    Do not hehe and do not agay

    If you are sent to n @@@ y

    Send it yourself to x @ y

    It is interesting that both poets found for rhyme

    to the "bad word"; the word quot;

    In my opinion, Pushkin also has a profanity in verse

    Although I do not know his poems, I did not specifically seek

    They were certainly great poets. But people do

    Nothing was alien to them. In the sense that they did not write for the sake of a mat

    And to strengthen the string of folk obscenities, I think

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