AMD A10-5750M Processor: Model Review and Customer Reviews

In 2013, according to plan, the Trinity family was replaced by Richland, the flagships of which in the mobile processor segment are AMD A10-5750M and A10-5757M. It is the first CPA that will be the “hero” of this review.

amd a10 5750m

CPU family

Each year, AMD consistently releases one family of processors with an integrated graphics system. It all started in 2011 with the release of the Llano CPU family. A year later, Trinity appeared, and then, at exactly the same time interval, Richland sales started. The last family, SteamRoller, was introduced in 2014.

amd a10 5750m Specifications

Immediately it should be noted that there is no tangible increase in processor performance between the last two generations of the CPU. In most cases, the difference is 2-4 percent, which are almost impossible to notice in everyday work. But the graphics subsystem is substantially processed and becomes more and more productive.

Parameters of processor cores

There are no significant differences in the computational part, as noted earlier, between AMD A10-5750M and its predecessors. It's all the same Trinity architecture, but with higher clock speeds. This is what provides an increase in the performance of the order of 5-10%, depending on the application. The rest of the Trinity and Richland processors are identical - the same FM2 socket. If necessary, the same CPU can be installed in the more advanced FM2 + connector. A similar process technology - 32 nm. A two-level cache system, the second level of which in the hero of this review is 4 MB.

amd a10 5750m reviews

The main problem of this processor architecture is the matching of computational cores. When performing integer calculations, everything is fine: each module has its own unit for performing this operation. In turn, if the numbers are floating point, then the processor cores 2 start to slow down. To perform this operation, there is only one module that switches between two cores in stages. On the one hand, this solution has significantly reduced the processor's thermal package and reduced the area of ​​silicon crystal. However, on the other hand, performance has decreased.

CPU clock speeds

Quite an interesting situation with the clock frequencies in AMD A10-5750M. Overview The technical documentation indicates the 2,5GHz values ​​(with a minimum load on the CPU) and 3,5 GHz (in peak computation mode). But in this case, AMD engineers went further and implemented an additional intermediate mode, in which the frequency should be 3 GHz.

amd a10 5750m processor

And this is another significant difference from the previous generation of hybrid processors. Due to this, this silicon chip is able to more flexibly adjust its performance and power consumption.

Characteristic graphics adapter

AMD A10-5750M Processor equipped with an integrated adapter series RADEON HD 8650G. It is based on the 384 shader. According to this indicator, this solution loses only to the flagships of the latest generation of SteamRolle, in which this value is equal to 512. The clock speeds of this graphics accelerator range from 533 MHz (maximum power saving mode) to 720 MHz (during peak performance).

CPU overclocking amd

Memory subsystem

Another innovation of the Richland family is that it supports more efficient DDR3 memory with a clock frequency of 1866 MHz. The chip, which is considered in the framework of this review, is able to work with such a RAM module without any problems. For this indicator, it surpasses even the flagship CPU A10-5757M, which can only provide 1600 MHz. In practice, this parameter is important for games, since the processor itself is equipped with an integrated video card, and its performance directly depends on the speed with which RAM is accessed. Accordingly, the higher the RAM frequency, the faster the graphics adapter works.

amd or intel processor

Comparison with Intel

It's hard to choose an AMD or Intel processor in an entry-level notebook segment. This chip is a clear confirmation of this. On the one hand, in terms of performance with it, Pentium series CPUs are on the same level. But the trouble is: they have only two processor cores. As a result, on such computer systems, the most recent games will not even be launched - this is evidenced by reviews. And the integrated graphics subsystem is several times worse, according to users. On the other hand, it seems you can choose a laptop with Core i3. In this case, 2 physical cores are converted to 4 by HT technology. The CPU performance level, of course, will be higher than that of any AMD solution. But the graphics subsystem is still weaker.

amd a10 5750m review

To get a more productive laptop, you need to buy it with such a processor and an external video card. As you can understand, the cost of such a computer system will be more in 1,5-2. Therefore, in the entry-level mobile PC segment, it will be difficult to find something better than A10-5750M or its analogs.

Energy consumption

Now consider the power consumption of AMD A10-5750M. Specifications in this regard, he has the following: a thermal package in 35 W and a minimum consumption in 5,2 W. The 4 compute module, the integrated graphics subsystem, and the process technology in 32 nm are the factors that prevent this value from being reduced. But, on the other hand, a high-performance computer system cannot have a passive cooling system. Therefore, there is nothing terrible in such a heat pack; an ordinary cooler will cope with it without any problems. User reviews confirm this.

Processor features

And now what AMD A10-5750M is capable of. Its characteristics have already been considered in detail. For such simple today manipulations as watching movies in HD-quality, listening to music, surfing Internet sites and processing office documents, its computing power is enough with his head, as evidenced by reviews.

CPU overclocking amd

The situation with the Photoshop graphics package and the latest generation of computer games is a bit worse. No, they, of course, will go on it, but one should not expect maximum settings and lightning-fast performance. Still, this chip refers to the initial level.

Notebook models

Mainly based on AMD A10-5750M Laptops are manufactured by the following manufacturers - Asus, MSI, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard. Most models are implemented in 2-x form factors: 15,6 and 17,3 inches. The graphics subsystem of the CPU is quite productive, so many of them come with a resolution of 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height, that is, the image is displayed in the “High Defenition” format. The cheapest device offers "Lenovo", for example, G505 costs only 570 dollars. For the money you get a laptop based A10-5750M with 6 GB of RAM and storage capacity of 1 GB. Its diagonal is 15,6 inches. Slightly more expensive 17-E041SR from HP and X550DP from ASUS. The advantage of the first of them is that it has a diagonal of 17,3 inches and increased the amount of RAM to 8 GB. In turn, the most interesting device based on A10-5750М is considered to be GX70 3CC from MSI. Its undeniable advantage is that it has two video cards. In addition to the integrated HD 8650G, it also has the R9-M290X with 2 GB on board GDDR5 standard. This allows several times to increase the performance of the graphics subsystem, and most of the modern computer toys will go on it with higher settings. But nothing happens just like that. Due to the additional graphics card, the cost of the system increases almost 2 times and is more than 1000 dollars.

Expert opinion and owner reviews

An excellent processor for entry-level mobile computers with an integrated powerful graphics subsystem is AMD A10-5750M. Reviews of numerous users once again confirm this. For most everyday tasks it suffices with a head. In this case, you run any application and do not think about whether it will work. Computing power with head enough for 2 year for sure. Then you have to somehow update the computer system. A similar opinion and computer experts regarding computing systems based on AMD A10-5750M. Reviews of computer experts only confirm this.

CPU overclocking amd


Now let's summarize. Phenomenal parameters and characteristics can not boast AMD A10-5750M. This is not his task. And the rest is a great "workhorse", which can easily cope with most games today. Of course, the maximum settings and speech can not be. But given the price of 650 dollars on laptops with this model, this is an excellent indicator. The weak point of this chip is the computing component, the components of which have a common part. It is because of this decision and reduced performance. But the graphics adapter integrated into the processor more than compensates for this drawback. You can try to overclock the AMD processor of this model, but, as experience shows, to significantly increase its performance will not work. And the battery life of the device will decrease.

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