IT program: how to use? Instructions for working with media player

Have you finally become the proud owner of Apple products? Well, soon you will appreciate all the opportunities offered by these branded devices (and there is something to be evaluated, believe me). For a start, it would be nice to figure out how to work with the basic functions of your new ipad or iphone. All owners of Apple-development will certainly have to face one of its most famous programs - "Aytüns". How to use it for processing video and audio files, as well as for other purposes, you will learn by reading this useful article.

aytyuns how to use

What is iTunes and why is it needed?

First of all, a few words need to be said about what kind of program it is. Today it is much more than just a media player for playing music and watching movies. Ityuns is a powerful and quite functional tool for managing audio and video files on your iOS device (Apple products platform). In addition, it is one of the largest and most popular online stores in the world, where you can buy music, music videos, movies, apps and books for downloading to your player. In general, the program is useful and absolutely necessary if you own an iOS device. Therefore, later we will talk about the most important and practical things: how to use the program "Aytyuns" for those or other purposes.

There are two options for "Aytyuns" - an application for the computer and for the iPad. The first is used by most owners of Apple devices, the second is only by those who have an iPad. Let's sort them in order.

IT program: how to use?

The step-by-step instructions provided below will help you easily understand all the nuances of working in this application. We will address the following questions about using iTunes:

  • adding files (music, video);
  • buying music, movies and apps;
  • creating playlists based on the library;
  • write files to CD;
  • Sync iPhone, iPod and iPad.

how to use aytyuns program

Add files to iTunes

Let's start with the simplest - adding files.

  1. If you are working on the Windows platform, go to the "File" menu and select one of the commands - "Add folder to library" or "Add file to library". On the MAC platform, click the "Add to Library" button. Next, select the folders or files on your computer that you want to add to ITunes. Wait for them to add (it will take some time).
  2. You can go a faster way and simply drag files from anywhere on your PC / laptop directly into the window of Aytüns - they will be added to your library.
  3. If you want to download files from a CD, insert the appropriate disk. In the pre-opened iTunes window, a window will appear asking you to add music to the library. Click "Yes" if you want to copy the entire CD, and "No" if you want to download only individual songs. In this case, tick off the desired songs and click "Import CD".

All files (according to the default settings) are imported into AAC format. However, if you wish, you can change it by going to "Import Settings" ("General" tab). ITINS supports the following formats:

  • for music - MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF;
  • for video - MP4, MOV.

ayyuns how to use step by step instructions

Shopping on the iTunes Store

If there are no songs, movies or books on your computer, you can purchase them in the iTunes Store. Thus, we proceed to the next opportunity for Aytyuns: how to use the program for making purchases in the online store.

First of all, you need to register your Apple ID. This procedure is simple and quick. Go to the store and click "Create Apple ID". Enter your email address and password, as well as billing information (to pay for purchases) and address. Your email will receive a letter to confirm the registration procedure, after which you will be able to access products in the iTunes Store.

Now you can browse and select music compositions, movies and books, various applications you like in the store. When you select products, they will automatically be added to the appropriate section in the library, they will immediately start loading.

Playlists - an important component of the media player

Creating thematic playlists is no less interesting the function of "Aytüns". How to use the media player to combine songs by category? Simple enough and interesting. You can create lists based on various criteria. Consider the options available playlists in iTunes.

  1. Go to the "File" - "New" tab. Select "Playlist". Call it on your own. Then from the library you can add the desired composition in this sheet, dragging them onto it. Alternatively, use the right mouse button and click "Add to playlist" (if there are several, you will be asked to choose which one).
  2. In addition, playlists can be created automatically using the Smart Playlist feature. Here you can make lists of various compositions based on the specified parameters - you expose them yourself. For example, you can include in the playlist only compositions published before 1980 of the year and belonging to the Instrumental category. Or choose songs with a tempo of no more than 120 BPM.
  3. You can also create playlists based on exclusive options. That is, songs that meet certain criteria (year, duration, genre) will not be added to the list.

Other features include limiting the number of songs to be included in the playlist and the ability to automatically update the smart list when new songs are added to the library (select the "Live Update" function).

Another useful feature is Genius. She can analyze your library and, based on the revealed preferences, suggest songs on the iTunes Store. Select a song in your library and click "Create Genius Playlist" - it will automatically be created on the left next to the corresponding icon.

aytyuns media player

Burn a CD compilation of tracks from iTunes

In addition to the fact that you can add songs from a CD to your library, you can also burn a playlist created in iTunes to a disk. To do this, insert a blank CD into the drive, go to the "File" tab and select "Burn playlist to disk" (Audio CD format). At the top of the window you can watch the download process.

It is also worth remembering that you can burn a maximum of 80 minutes of music to a CD. If your playlist exceeds this threshold, then the part remaining after filling the disc will simply not be recorded.

buy music in aytyuns

IOS Device Sync

Finally, we turn to the final, but no less important part of working with Aytüns: how to use the program to synchronize your Apple device.

  1. Using USB, connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer. As a rule, Aytüns opens automatically (if necessary, do it manually).
  2. At the top of the window in the "Devices" tab, select your own from the list provided. After that, at the top you will see a list of tabs with different file types (music, video, books, applications). Open the one you need and select the files you want to synchronize. After setting the parameters, click "Sync."

In the process of adding new files, the line at the bottom will be gradually filled - it shows how much space on the device is already taken and how much is left free.

When you add new files to your library, they will be synchronized to your device the next time you connect it. Conversely, if you delete something from ITINES, it will be removed from your iOS device.

aytyuns on ipad

iTunes to iPad: a short review

Using the program "Aytyuns" on the iPad is also very easy and convenient. To do this, you must first register with iTunes, after which you will have access to the following sections:

  1. Podcasts - video and audio files on various subjects. Free to download.
  2. iTunes U - various educational materials (most in English, but also in Russian).
  3. Downloads - a section that displays downloads.

After synchronization, the data downloaded on the iPad will be available in iTunes for the computer.


As it turned out, working with the program "Aytuns" is quite easy, on the contrary, pleasant and interesting. Now you have all the information you need to comfortably and fully use your IOS device with the iTunes media player.

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