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Many computer games offer gamers only the storyline. When a player passes it, everything ends, and you can look for a new entertainment. Someone is satisfied with such a situation, and it may annoy someone. After all, if I liked the game, I would like to enjoy it a little longer, which becomes simply impossible, especially if it has not such high replayability. This absolutely does not threaten one popular game - Lego Marvel Super Heroes, - although it doesn’t have the longest plot, it has plenty of possibilities after its passage. With all the simplicity, this game can without a doubt be taken as a model that users are waiting for - there is an exciting storyline, various achievements, special competitions for trophies, and more than a hundred characters to which you have to open access, and much more. . Therefore, the passage of "Lego Marvel" can be delayed - with the plot you will understand pretty quickly, but then it will only be more fun.

"Lego Marvel" - what is this game?

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For quite a long time, computer game developers switched to modern graphics and realistic physics - all this became available thanks to new technologies. But at the same time, projects continue to be published that do not shine with graphics, do not concentrate on the laws of physics, but take their own peculiarity, their own history, elaboration. Passing "Lego Marvel" will not amaze you with detailed landscapes (unless you consider those created from Lego parts), it will not surprise you with incredible engine capabilities, but it will give you quite a wide freedom of action, which will not get bored for quite a while. But first things first. First you need to consider the passage of "Lego Marvel", and specifically - the storyline.

Passage of the plot

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The storyline "Lego Marvel" is based on the fact that the forces of good and evil are opposed to each other. Naturally, while you stand for the forces of good, and the passage of "Lego Marvel" is an interrelated set of missions, in each of which you gain control over certain positive superheroes. Most often there are more than one - at least they work in pairs, but sometimes you can come across whole companies. Naturally, one cannot fail to mention the last mission in which you have to fight with Galaktos - there you will have about twenty characters under your control, each of which will play an important role in the successful completion of the passage of the game "Lego Marvel." The storyline campaign will not take you much time, but, as mentioned above, the game is not limited to it alone.

Bonus missions

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The most important thing is the fact that you open the Lego Marvel freeplay game, that is, you can safely move all over the map, look in any locations and re-complete missions, only with the use of those characters that interest you. But leave it for a later period, but in the meantime, work on the bonus missions that are open to you - try to go through all the 100%, that is, collect all the blocks, open all the secrets, and so on. This is important so that you can fully complete the passage. Naturally, you can use the codes on "Lego Marvel", as they will not affect your achievements, trophies, and so on, but it is recommended to use them only as a last resort. This game is not so difficult, everyone can go through it on their own without any problems.

Passing all levels at one hundred percent

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When you pass the bonus levels, you will have a special block with which you can search for secrets more effectively. Therefore, it is time to use all the features of freeplay - and for this you will not need the codes for "Lego Marvel", because you will already have all the most powerful characters. It is recommended to take everyone who you like, but start with Magneto and Sandman - they are the most powerful and most useful in this game. But, again, here is a matter of taste - you can cope with any task with any character, the main thing is to figure out how to do it. If in the course of the game you could use the codes on "Lego Marvel" - the superheroes were all hidden, and if you wanted to play for them, then you couldn't do without cheats, now you have all the cards on hand, and the need for codes disappears.

Collecting items on the world map

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In addition to the story missions, which were just discussed, there are side quests that are scattered throughout the game map. Naturally, you can use the codes on "Lego Marvel" - superheroes, however, do not do that, so it's best to solve all the problems yourself. Here you will have to participate in races, and look for passages to secret places, so this stage can take a lot of time from you. It is important here not to give up and continue on your way. If you are determined to go through the whole game for one hundred percent, then you can not do without hard work. Those who are not interested, it is better to stay on the passage of the plot and a little fun in free play. The remaining steps are for real fans and perfectionists. So, if you have completed all the tasks, collected all the items and blocks, it's time to go shopping, and superheroes will be the objects in Lego Marvel.

Acquisition of all heroes

To finish the game for one hundred percent, you definitely need to buy absolutely all the characters that are available in the game, even if you don’t like them. In "Lego Marvel" superheroes are available in a special store, but you already have a certain set at the very beginning. In the course of the passage you will open access to new characters, and you can redeem them for in-game currency. And then you can enjoy their abilities in free play mode as much as you want. Cheats on "Lego Marvel" can significantly accelerate this process - with the help of them, you can immediately open all the heroes, as well as add yourself a large amount of money to buy them all. But still it is better to achieve this on your own, especially since it is not so difficult to do this.


You have very little left - work on the bugs. Unfortunately, cheats on "Lego Marvel" will not allow you to earn one hundred percent passing just like that, so you have to be careful anyway. If you miss a moment, you will have to go back and look for the place where it can be. And then pleasure will turn into a routine. You also need to collect all the trophies - local achievements. Most of them you get in the process of passing the game, but some may remain closed. So you need to do a sweep - go through the list of trophies and see what you have not done. For example, if you are not playing in a cooperative, then it is very unlikely that you will cope with the trophy "Are we familiar?" - to get it you need to approach the two characters to each other, and this can be done only if you have a second controller connected, which is not necessary at all in a single game.

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So, if you followed all the tips and recommendations, then you most likely now have the 100% value displayed in the game passing column. This is quite an impressive achievement, which is achieved by no means all. But keep in mind that the main storyline of the game will take you less than 10-15 hours, and it will take you more than forty hours to complete the passage, so you decide if it is necessary. Naturally, it will bring a lot of pleasure, but it will require quite a lot of patience.

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