Rainbow Six Siege not starting: causes and problem solving

A first-person shooter with tactical elements, designed for personal computers and new-generation consoles, was released in early December. The owners of the PlayStation and Xbox are not faced with problems, but Windows fans claim that Rainbow Six Siege does not run even on powerful hardware. Tons of messages about various errors, departures and lags filled the forums within a few days after the game. The causes of the problems are very different: weak personal computers, optimization, improper installation, and so on. Let's see why Rainbow Six Siege does not start.

rainbow six siege not starting


The development of the game involved a well-known company Ubisoft. The key feature was the destructible world and the interaction of players. The main mode - multiplayer, where you can choose several options for the game. During the passage of the player receives various titles, which are displayed in the profile. Here you can see the percentage of killings and deaths in battles.

For learning the basics of the game, you can go through several single-player missions.

rainbow six siege system requirements

Fans of the series will be able to play again in the “Antiterror” mode, which has returned to the last part. You can go alone or with friends (the group can include up to 5 people). The main task - to destroy opponents on a particular map. There are more enemies than players, so you will have to show teamwork in the Rainbow Six Siege. System requirements correspond to the 2015 year, but about them a little later.

The game has a number of special units from around the world, which include four unique operatives of each. There are Russian special forces. Updates will be made by new units and fighters. Each operative has unique skills and devices for effective combat.

rainbow six siege game does not start

Immediately after the release, the game was criticized by various publications. As a rule, reviews and reviews were positive. Many liked the extensive features of the multiplayer mode, various gadgets and well-developed maps. The advantage of the game, of course, was the destructibility of the surrounding objects. The disadvantage is that Rainbow Six Siege does not start on some machines, as well as minor bugs and inhibition. Developers do their best to eliminate the disadvantages by releasing regular updates. Anyway, Rainbow Six Siege became the best tactical shooter of recent times.

System Requirements

The game has received high-quality development and destructible, so braking may occur on a weak PC. Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t run often from the owners of the old hardware that doesn’t meet the requirements of modern games. Before you begin to criticize the developers, read the system requirements.

rainbow six siege bug

Requires Windows operating system 7 or newer. On 32-bit versions, the game will not start, so install only 64-bit.

To run on medium settings, Intel Core i3 or similar from AMD is sufficient.

I am glad that for good performance, the game requires only GTX 460 with 1 GB of video memory. Similar from AMD - Radeon HD 5870.

RAM will require 6 GB. Some users run on 4 GB of RAM, but there are lags.

Installation requires 30 GB.

Stable multiplayer requires 512 kbit / s or better internet connection.

Recommended settings:

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer (64 bits only);
  • the processor needs an Intel Core i5 or similar from AMD;
  • graphics card: GTX 670 or other with 2 GB of video memory;
  • The RAM on the computer is at least 8 GB;
  • Requires 30 GB of free space;
  • DirectX is required 11 version.

System requirements are generally not very different from games that came out at the same time as Rainbow Six Siege. The game also does not start due to errors that are present in some patches. The solution is to install another version. There are a lot of reasons, but we'll talk about them below.


rainbow six siege mechanics

Often solve the problems with the launch of games helps to update the drivers for video cards and other equipment, not an exception is Rainbow Six Siege. Startup error, crashes and lags should disappear immediately after installing a special version of the drivers that go on the day of the game's release. Update should be and Visual C ++, as well as DirectX. All current versions can be found on the official website of the manufacturer, they are distributed free of charge. To keep abreast of the latest updates, it is recommended to have programs for monitoring. If the installation of new driver versions did not help you, do not despair. Below we look at common problems and their solutions.

Startup Error

Go to the installation Uplay, then find the item "in-game console" and make it inactive. Run the game with administrator rights. The method will not work if you have a Rainbow Six Siege repack. "Mechanics", for example, always try to produce working versions, but they also have shortcomings.

Error 8-0x00000052

rainbow six siege not starting

Appears while playing in multiplayer mode. Solved by restarting the personal computer. In the near future, developers will provide a patch that should eliminate the error. Some help disabling unnecessary processes in the Task Manager, which take up a lot of memory.

Does not start

The cause of the problems is the incorrect installation of the game. It is solved by disabling the antivirus and reinstalling. It is not recommended to use Cyrillic characters in the path to the game folder. If the version is from Steam, check the cache for integrity.

Departures to the desktop

This is due to an insufficient amount of free RAM. It is solved by closing unnecessary programs and processes in the task manager. Do not leave the browser windows open; they severely inhibit the operation of the computer. Do not clog your hard drive with unnecessary junk and defragment it regularly.


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