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By analogy with computer monitors, any video signal is characterized by vertical and horizontal resolution. It is measured in pixels. The European image definition standard is 720x576 pixels. This resolution is obtained after digitizing analog video. In the expression 720х576, the first number indicates the horizontal resolution of the video (the number of points in the line), the second - the vertical (the number of active lines that participate in the construction of the image). Also 720x576 pixels is the maximum clarity for a DVD format.

change video resolutionThe higher the number of pixels, the better the image. The high definition video format is called HD (High Definition). Its advantages can be appreciated by watching videos and movies from screens with a large diagonal. It is with the advent of large-sized liquid crystal and plasma panels that HD is in demand more than ever. HDTV (High Definition Television) is broadcast in two standards. Video resolution of one of them is 1920x1080 pixels, the second one is 1280x720.

For three-dimensional video, the resolution is 512x512x512. It is measured inhigh resolution video voxels. These are image elements, cubic points in three-dimensional space.

Choosing a television plasma or LCD panel, you should pay attention to the labeling. If the data sheet indicates that the receiver supports HD-Ready broadcast, an image of the size of 1024x768 dots will be transmitted from the screen. Only marking Full-HD means support for video resolution of square pixels in 1920х1080. If you plan to watch a movie or video from a computer screen, then it is necessary that both the display and the video card support media content protection technology — HDCP. In most cases, modern LCD monitors do an excellent job with this task.

video resolutionHigh-resolution video media support two formats. These are Blue – Ray and HD DVD. Outwardly, they are no different from regular DVDs. The difference is in the amount of information that fits on these media. In the HD DVD format, optical discs are available in one, two, less often - three-layer ones. Each of the layers is able to hold up to 15 GB of information. But in the fight formats wins Blue-ray. Only one layer of such an optical disk can carry up to 33 GB. In addition, in 2009, a ten-layer Blue-Ray format media was introduced to the market. However, these discs did not receive mass distribution either in Russia or in Europe. The reason for this - the high cost of video players and a number of other shortcomings.

Video resolution 1920X1080, 1280x720 pixels do not reproduce many portable devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. To view movies and clips on them, you need to change the video resolution. This can be done with the help of software converters. They are represented in sufficient quantities on the Internet. It is better to choose a program that converts into the largest number of formats. It will be useful and the presence of presets - ready-made settings for a particular device. That is, choosing the model you need in the menu will not need to set codecs, frame rates, etc.

Дадим маленький совет. Помните, конвертация видео довольно длительный процесс, и если вы собираетесь в дорогу, подготовьте ваши файлы заранее.

Как увеличить размер видео, сохранив четкость изображения и хорошее качество в After Effects AE-121

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