Recovery - what is it? Windows Recovery. Android Recovery

In recent years, they have been marked by the fact that the “smart” equipment has become more and more important in our lives. Computers and laptops, tablets and smartphones - not only everyone has these gadgets, they actually determine the rhythm of life of a modern person.

recovery what is itThe more offensive is the situation in which your device behaves somewhat inadequately. Viruses or some software and hardware failures can sometimes spoil your mood for a long time. Sometimes an operation called Recovery helps. What is it, in what cases is it recommended to use this technique?

This article is dedicated to the answers to these questions.

General concepts

Honestly, the definition of "recovery" does not exist as such. Generally speaking, this term can be decoded as “recovery”. For example, they often operate programs to rescue data from flash drives and hard drives.

Thus, if we talk about Windows Recovery, you can rightly imply either the restoration of the system itself, or the operation to return some of its functions to a healthy state.

With reference to the Android mobile operating system, devices under which it becomes more and more every day, Recovery Mode means a mode in which you can install a new firmware. In addition, it is allowed to remove or install applications that are hard-wired into the software shell, and therefore their change in normal mode is impossible.

These operations are designated by the term Recovery. What is it, if we talk about more particular cases? We have already said that this concept is often used by those who recover data from hard drives. Among other things, it is possible to recover not only information as such, but also logical partitions of a hard disk, lost as a result of system failures or voltage drops in the network.

To begin with, let's deal with this, as the loss of information is a frequent occurrence.

Flash drives

When they appeared, many experienced a surge of unearthly happiness. When the first disk drives on 512 MB or 1 GB went on sale, in many universities, 1,44 MB floppy disks were still actively used. Can you imagine how much easier it became for an average student to always have with him all his written work?

file recoveryHowever, it quickly turned out that not everything is so simple with them: if a standard CD could have lain for ten years and completely retained all the information recorded on it, then an ordinary flash drive in six months could well be empty. Accordingly, the Data Recovery service very soon became extremely popular.

So, what are the main ways to recover data from flash drives? Most often, specialized programs are used for this: R-Studio, Recuva or the like. If they are powerless, then utilities from manufacturers of a specific drive come to the rescue.

With their help, it is sometimes possible to pull files from the disk that would otherwise be lost. But very often it happens that Data Recovery is possible only under the condition of complete mechanical disassembly of the flash drive and then connecting the memory module to a special reader.

Since the data on it lies in the form of unordered arrays, it is necessary to use special programs from manufacturers of a particular model of flash drive, as well as a HEX editor. This work takes more than one hour, and at home it is virtually impossible to perform.

When should you ask for help?

As a rule, flash drives cunningly fail, and there are no warning symptoms. But there are distinctive signs that clearly hint at the need for File Recovery in the near future.

Here are the most important ones:

  • it is worth guarding if the flash drive is detected, but when you try to open it, there are constantly messages about the need to find errors. Even worse, when the system declares the need to format the media;
  • Of course, you will receive an extremely clear signal when a removable disk in the system is not detected at all, no indicators are lit on it;
  • a very unpleasant "bell" - data starts to disappear from the memory card, even if there are definitely no viruses in the system;
  • a variation of the previous situation is data corruption when the file itself remains in place but cannot be opened;
  • It is worthwhile to start worrying after a voltage surge, severe shock, or wet flash drive. Even if after everything that happened, it works fine, there is no guarantee of its future performance.

By the way, what about the SSD drives? The situation with them is no different from that for flash drives.


How is data recovery from standard spindle disks? Here it is still more difficult. When information from the hard drive is no longer readable, the containment shell is removed in the sealed chamber, the head blocks are removed, and the data are removed from the pancakes using donor read heads.

data recoveryOf course, in simple cases, data recovery programs, which we will discuss below, can help.

Data recovery at home

Of course, we have already said that it is better not to do File Recovery at home. But if you simply mistakenly deleted the data from the flash drive, then you can easily restore it without the help of experts.

Let's take a look at this process using the example of R-Studio. This powerful application has long been known to all experienced users. It is developed by a Canadian company that does not advertise the release of new versions too much. Simply put, it doesn’t hurt to go to their site and learn about new releases, which could include new data recovery functionality.

Suppose that you need to return from nonexistence a .doc file from a memory card. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • launch the application;
  • in the left part of the working window choose your disk;
  • click on it with the right mouse button, and in the drop-down menu select the item “Restore all data”.

A small dialog box opens, in which there are two tabs: "Home" and "Advanced." We are interested in "Home", as well as the button "Define file mask". Click on it, after which the working window opens. There is a drop-down list in which you need to select the "File extension" item. In the field that is on the right, enter ".doc". Click on "Yes", securing the changes in the program settings.

Again, return to the original dialog box, and then click on the "Yes" button. The application immediately asks you to specify in which folder the files will be restored. Attention! In no case do not choose the same flash drive as the save location, since in case of failure you will almost certainly lose your file! However, this is a common requirement for File Recovery (you already understand what it is).

After that, scanning of the media will begin, during which the program will find and restore all the doc-files that were once deleted but still available for recovery. Note that the names of the documents do not remain, and therefore you have to search through the entire contents of the folder that you marked as a “drive” to find the file you need.

android recoveryImportant!

If you try to make a recovery torrent file, then with high probability you will succeed. But to restore a document deleted by mistake half-downloaded document just will not work. It is not only "spread" evenly over the entire hard disk, but also has a very nontrivial structure.

Hard Disk Partition Recovery

By the way, is a Partition Recovery hard drive repair possible? Yes, since there are specialized utilities for this.

Perhaps we will tell only about one of them. Acronis Disk Director is a legendary application known to almost all experienced users. It costs literally a penny, so it makes sense to fork out the full version.

After starting the program, you will see in front of you a fairly rich information start window in which you need to select the “Restore Partitions” item. After that, the “Wizard” window will appear in front of you, in which we strongly recommend choosing the automatic mode of operation.

Click on the "Next" button, after which the program will start scanning the entire hard disk in order to search for all deleted partitions. When the search is completed, its results will be displayed in the corresponding window, and the program will graphically show the expected disk structure after the partition is restored.

To agree with the results of the scan and to start the recovery process itself, you need to click on the button with the checkbox icon.

Account recovery

Do not think that the data that needs to be recovered, refers only to the files stored on your hard disk. A striking example of the reverse can be considered Google Accounts Recovery, when a user can restore access to his account in any of the Google services.

In life, anything can happen: you can simply forget the password, it can be stolen by some attacker or malicious program. Immediately, we note that in the event of an account password being stolen, you can try to restore access within a day after it has been changed by an attacker.

google accounts recoverySo. First you need to go to the official page of any Google service that requires authorization. Then select the option "I do not remember the password." You will be transferred to a page with a form to restore it. Remember, the chances of a successful completion of Accounts Recovery are the higher, the better you remember the secret questions and other data that was entered during the initial registration!

It is necessary to fill in all the fields, specify the backup mailbox that you specified during registration, and then confirm your control over it (by entering the code sent to it by Google). If everything is fine, then Google Recovery will not cause any special problems. In severe cases you will have to talk with technical support. If you really are the owner of a controversial account, then you will certainly return it.

Since all services from Google have moved to the .com domain, Accounts Recovery has become much easier.

Useful Tips

There are in this case some tricks that will help you quickly and with a guarantee to get back your account. First, it doesn’t hurt to send all restore requests from the device from which you most often used Google services.

If there is such an opportunity, be sure to send all available logs from all your devices to technical support. As for entering your data into the contact data line, it is better to use your real details, which you can confirm with the help of certified copies of documents. Of course, if the data on the "sailed" account does not represent a special value, you can not shine once again their real data.

However, the service Accounts Recovery has not yet given clear reasons to doubt their disinterest in distributing customer data.

Windows Recovery

If you carefully read the article, then surely remember what is meant by this definition. In order not to be unfounded, we suggest reading about the simplest way to create a backup copy of Windows, as well as about restoring the system from it.

It should be said that before 2001, when XP was released, there was simply no regular backup and recovery tools (Recovery) for users of this operating system. Had to use third-party software.

com accounts recovery

So. Click on the "Start" button, select "Control Panel" in the opened menu. It has a small and not too noticeable item "Backup and Restore." Click, then the dialog box opens. In its left part there is the item "Creating a system image." We click on it with the left mouse button, and then we get to the next dialog box.

Here we will be offered three options for placing the finished image at once (you cannot use all of them at once): on some hard disk, on a CD / DVD disc, saved on a network server. Choose the appropriate option, then click "Next." The system will automatically perform all operations, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Deploy the system from backup

Make it very easy. Again, go to the "Backup and Restore." Select the item "Restore system settings or computer." A dialog box opens in which you need to click on the “Start System Restore” button.

After that, you will be warned that the rollback process that has begun can no longer be canceled, so once again you will have to confirm the seriousness of your intentions. When almost everything is ready, the computer will restart.

Android OS

Finally, we got to the adherents of "Android". Strangely enough, but when you request Recovery in any search engine, you will receive a huge number of links specifically to the thematic forums of this mobile OS fans. You could already be convinced that this concept is much more diverse.

However, back to Android Recovery. By the way, what exactly is meant by this term? We have casually mentioned this above, but we will reveal the topic in more detail.

Most mobile software manufacturers claim that “Recovery Mode” is a way to launch a mobile device, in which you can change the firmware or replace some important system applications.

How to boot into it?

As a rule, in this mode, the device starts up if you press a certain combination of mechanical keys. Each manufacturer is different. For example, the combination Home + Power + Volume Up will launch the Recovery mode for Samsung devices.

If on any Nexus gadget you press Volume Down + Power at the same time, the result will be the same. However, it is better to first go to the manufacturer’s website and find out everything exactly. The fact is that the combinations may well change with the release of a new model or firmware.

accounts recovery

Speaking quite simply, Android Recovery is a special program that allows you to run the system in a slightly modified form. Native applications of this kind are called Stock Recovery, and third-party utilities are Custom Recovery.

What is Stock for?

It is a fairly limited means of functionality. With it, you can completely remove your user data from the device, as well as run a firmware update signed by the manufacturer. In general, all the available functions of the utilities of this class can be seen below:

  • full technical reboot of the device;
  • installation of new firmware directly from the memory card;
  • reset the device to factory settings ("wipe");
  • delete cache;
  • installation of the application (official) from the memory card;
  • copy and restore system from backup.

Custom Recovery offers a completely different level of features. You can install any applications and firmware. In addition, in this mode, the installation of localization is allowed, which was not originally provided for this device (Motorola G, for example).

That ended our article on Recovery. What it is, you already know! Do not forget to copy your important data to other media in time. This practice will save you from many problems.

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