Support - what is it?

Every self-respecting player in the Dotu knows that all characters are divided into three types - dodgers, security officers and ints. It depends on which of their characteristics directly adds damage. But in the “vestibule”, in preparation for the match, conversations about who takes whom — support, nukers, carry, tanks can begin. To many, all these words will become incomprehensible and alien, but they denote very specific things.

support what is it


Before explaining the principles of the game, let's determine who those support are. What is this beast?

Translated from English support - support. Any player who has at least a drop of mind immediately realizes that the role of such characters in the game is to help allies. Moreover, this term is suitable not only for Doty, but also for most MMORPGs.

In the classic version, when roles in a group are divided into three categories, support is a character who heals everyone around and "holds" a character who assumes the entire attacking power of the enemy.


But we are not talking about the usual online RPG, but about the world-famous MOVU - DotA. It lacks classes as a separate hierarchy, and in the preparation screen you are told - “Take support”. "What is it? What to do?" - flashes through the user's head.

So, what characters are best suited for the role of "supps"? There are two categories into which this class can be divided.

  1. "Nukera" - these are the classes that cause the most damage with their spells. For example, Crystal Maiden or Lich. At the moment when the start of the war, they completely discharge the ammunition and become virtually useless. To prevent this from happening, they begin to perform another role - "support". What does this mean, you will understand a little later.
  2. "Controllers". Characters with a large number of spells, disorienting and interfering with the enemy. A good example is Jakiro. This two-headed miracle with the help of its icy track is capable of 2 seconds to bring the entire team of the enemy down. And with double breath, you can slow them down. This many times will save the life of you and your allies and will not allow the unfinished enemy to escape.
  3. Clean support. "What is it?" - you ask? In this case, we are talking about characters who generally cannot somehow hurt the enemy or heal themselves and allies. For example, Dazzle, Necrophos or Omniknight. These characters can slow, heal, stun, and save one or more allies from certain death.dota support

If you are going to play for support, remember that the choice should be made based on the choice of other characters. If the enemy takes the "Pooja" (butcher), then the Necrofos will do well. Thanks to his ultimate ability, the team will not have to completely kill this fat carcass, but only half. If the opponent in the team has a “Geomancer”, then your choice will be the “Lich”, which, again, with its ulta, is able to fully bear the legs of this family of karapuz.


So, you - support. What to do? First of all, remember: you are not required to kill the enemy players. Your task is to help your carry (the characters that cause the main damage). So feel free to take the "wards" to highlight the terrain and courier.

Hand of Midas is a waste of time. It may seem that with him you can get gold from the forest, so as not to take away the pumping of the second liner, but it is much more profitable to buy something else.

best support

Since your task is to help, you will need various items that have auras. For example, Mecansm or Vladimir's Offering (for melee heroes). In the later stages of the game, Aganim Scepter (if necessary for your ulta), Scythe of Vyse, Shiva's Guard will come in handy for you.

Since many supports have the opportunity for gank (periodic surprise attack on different lines), he will definitely need shoes to accelerate movement. Ideally - Boots of traveler.

Another useful item will be the Necronomicon. A book calling two mobs. When pumping one opens nearby invisible enemies, and the second well burns mana to opponents.


What do dota 2 support do? Gank and linings. It is necessary to remember a few basic rules that must be followed by any support.

  • Buy courier and wards. You do not need to spend on them always all the money, but at the initial levels (when playing with beginners) they should stand at least on the runes.
  • Feed your carry. If possible, do not finish off the enemy, but let's do it to the allies. If you see that the opponent is running away now, then the choice is obvious - either you or nobody.
  • Ganke. If you see your partner on the line holding on confidently, better go and try to kill the enemy while he is not expecting it.
  • Guard your allies. You should always have mana so that you can stun, slow down your opponent or cure an ally during a gank.
  • Do not sacrifice yourself. Your task is to help others, but remember that your main income is money falling over time. While you are dead, no one will give you money.

dota supports


And yet, no matter how hard you convince the newbies, that the rating and the quality of the game depend on the skills of the player himself, then here and there, and the question of who is the best support will slip.

If you look at the official rating of characters, then the leaders are always "Zeus". It is understandable. His ultimate ability, obtained at the 6 level, allows you to finish off the enemy wherever he is on the map. And escape from it will not work. So it turns out that the ratio of killings / deaths, "Zeus" occupies a top position. But we have already decided that the main task of the support is to help the allies, and this character does not fit the role very well.

In general, even among experienced players, the debate continues which of the characters is the most effective support. "DotA" provides the player with a wide choice of heroes for every taste. Therefore, in each individual match, each support will be more efficient than the other. Yes, and the "direct hands" of the player has not been canceled.

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