Fail 403 (error in Crimea): how to get around the restrictions?

On the territory of Crimea after the annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation, all without exception, the owners of Android devices faced the unpleasant problem of the appearance of a failure with the code in the 403 message. The mistake in the Crimea (there are serious problems there) will now be considered. At the same time we will give some explanations on how to eliminate it with the simplest methods.

Failure code Play Market 403 (error in the Crimea): the reasons for the appearance?

By itself, a failure can occur for various reasons (cache overflow, lack of space on the internal or external storage, etc.).

403 error in the Crimea

However, in this case, despite the general description of the problem, the error of the 403 Play Market in Crimea is associated exclusively with the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation. As you know, geolocation is constantly enabled on Android devices, so logging into the service, not to mention trying to download and install applications, is completely impossible.

But, as it turned out, this problem can be solved and even very simple. How to bypass the error 403 in Crimea? Own means of Android systems do not allow this, so you will have to use third-party software, which, for example, compared with other systems, works like Internet proxy servers, replacing the original geography of the device owner with another one.

Error 403 in Crimea: how to fix it with the Super VPN application?

So, since it turns out to be impossible to disable permanent tracking, you need to use special utilities that can be downloaded from the Internet (since there is access there).

error 403 in Crimea how to fix

Failure with code 403 (error in Crimea) is eliminated as follows. First you need to run any Internet browser installed on the device and download a small application called Super VPN. To simplify matters, you can download an installation file, for example, from a home terminal or laptop, and then transfer it to a device for launch. For installation, it is important to use the installation resolution item from unknown sources.

True, some people claim that a VPN change can be made by turning on the 3G or 3G + mode directly on the device, however, as practice shows, this is not an indicator for Google Play and applications still do not load.

error 403 play market in Crimea

After installing the application we make the first launch. Next, click the button to establish a connection. After that, a warning about trusting the application will pop up. We need to agree, then the connection icon will appear in the top bar. Failure with the code 403 (error in the Crimea) will no longer appear. The only thing you should pay attention to is disabling the application after you finish working with the Google Play service, since conflicts with other Android applications may occur.

Using the utility OpenVPN Connect

There is another way to eliminate the failure, in which the 403 error occurs in the Crimea. How to fix it? You can use the free application OpenVPN Connect. True, this method is more laborious.

After installation, you need to go to the resource and download the configuration file (Config) from there, and for any other location other than the Russian Federation. This will be followed by a redirect (redirect) to the download page, where you will need to select the first link (the one above).

how to get around error 403 in Crimea

After the download is complete, click on the file in the notification area and agree with the installation of the configurator (Accept). Then, as in the previous case, we confirm the trust attitude to the application, after which the network icon will appear on top, and the Play Market will work as expected.

Instead of the total

Of course, these are not all methods or utilities that can fix the 403 crash problem. Error in the Crimea can be corrected with the help of other applications. But they all work on the same principle — they simply change the VPN connection in such a way that the service sees the device in such a location as if it were located in another country. When specifying a region in the second case, it is better to choose the one that is closer to the Crimea.

In addition, in the same Internet you can find a huge number of programs running on a PC with a connected smartphone or tablet, so you can bypass the restrictions in this way. However, if you have access to the Internet directly from the device, you can not do such things.

Finally, it should be said that today there are a lot of enthusiasts in their field who are developing more and more new methods of circumventing such restrictions, both from the world community and from individual companies and services. So the solution to the problem can be found in any case.

Устранение ошибки (403) в Google Play для жителей Крыма.

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