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Today, there are a huge number of role-playing games on sale, each of which is unique in its own way. Some of them are successful, some are not very, some are generally known only to a narrow circle. But there are still exceptional projects that are popular all over the world and that have millions of fans. One of the most striking examples is the game Skyrim, which belongs to the series The Elder Scrolls. In general, this whole series can be attributed to similar games, starting with the third episode - it was then that the whole world learned about this project. Since then, the games of this series are constantly in all the tops of not only their genre, but also computer games in principle. And each time they are getting better and better, which Skyrim proves - the magnificence of this project is endless, you have a huge open world, an incredible number of non-player characters with their own characters and features, a set of guilds that you can freely enter. countless assignments, fascinating storyline, extensive character development opportunities and much more. It would seem, what else do you want? But there is one more thing that can expand your capabilities in Skyrim - console commands.

What are teams for?

skyrim console commands

Naturally, not all players know that in games you can open the console and enter commands there. In principle, this is not available in all projects, but you can still use this function in the game Skyrim. Console commands are very useful combinations, initially they are used to test the game for glitches and bugs, for testing it. But their essence lies in the fact that they can change some element of the game instantly, so besides testing, knowledgeable people can then use them in the gameplay. Of course, some of these commands offer a significant advantage, but the fact is that they are not cheat codes - they are registered in the game itself, so no one will punish you for using them. Moreover, Skyrim is a completely single player game, so you will not put yourself above other players if you use these teams in Skyrim. Console commands, however, can cause resentment - where do you enter them?

Call console

skyrim console commands in Russian

In different games, the console line can be called differently. The classic method of calling is clicking on the tilde button, which is what is used in the game Skyrim. Console commands are entered in English letters, so do not try to use Cyrillic. All that can be associated with these commands in Russian is their descriptions for those who do not understand English. The teams themselves, in any case, will have to be memorized, and quite often the combinations do not have much meaning and are the usual random combinations of letters and numbers. So, when you called the console and entered the command you need, press "Enter" - and it is activated. And remember - in Skyrim, console commands are not used in Russian, only their descriptions in Russian exist. About them will be discussed later.

Features of using the console

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Naturally, except that you cannot enter console commands in Skyrim in Russian, there are other features and limitations that you should be aware of. First, do not think about the case of letters, as it does not play a special role. If you enter a capital letter where a small one is registered, the game will still recognize the command and activate it. So you do not have to spend too much time memorizing unnecessary command elements. Secondly, you should know how to navigate in the console line - this may be useful to you if the team activates a choice of several other options. Do not try to use the arrows - it does not work, to navigate through the console you need to press the PageUp and PageDown buttons. Well, another very useful feature that you have to use quite often is the elimination of zeros at the beginning of the code. Many commands are built on the fact that it is the lexical part of the command that is first introduced, and after it, a specific code value. This can be an item ID, a color or something else. And in many cases, a certain set of zeros may precede a substantial part of the code, that is, an ID may look like 00024. In this case, you can remove the extra zeros and just write 24 - the game will figure out what is required of it, and perform the necessary actions. Thus, you can use console commands in Skyrim - perk points, number of life points and other parameters are calculated according to the same principle.

Object and prefix commands

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Of course, no one forbids you to simply learn a couple of commands that will be useful to you during the game, and at that end your acquaintance with the console. But after all, it opens up a huge number of opportunities for you, which is a sin not to use. Therefore, you can study more deeply what console commands are in Skyrim. Points perks, getting weapons, passing the quest - these are all special cases, they will be discussed later. And now you need to pay attention to the main types of console commands. First of all, you need to learn how to distinguish between object and prefix. They differ from the usual commands that you can enter without any conditions.

So, object - these are the commands that are directed to a particular object. With this, he should be in your field of vision, that is, you will perform certain actions on the object that you see in front of you. If this item is not around, then you can not use this command. Another special type of command is prefix. These commands require a prefix in front of them, that is, it cannot be entered just like that - you need to indicate to whom or what it will be sent or what it will refer to. And this is done by adding the word with a dot. For example, a team that allows you to add a certain amount of health points will not work if it is not sent to something. In this case, you should direct it towards yourself, that is, you need to add a Player before the team. - do not forget about the point, it delimits the direction from the team itself and indicates membership. Now you know quite a lot about the console commands Skyrim 5, but it is still too early to go directly to their consideration - you still have to figure out what identifiers are and how you can use them.

An identification number

console teams skyrim gold

Each item in the game has its own ID number. It is by them that the location of objects in the game world is determined, and also they are used when console commands of Skyrim are entered. Gold, weapons, armor, quests, races, and much more - all this has its own identification number, according to which the game determines what exactly this item represents. It is very important that you know the main identifiers if you are going to play Skyrim using the console line, and also have a list of all identifiers with free search on the entire list, if possible. The fact is that there are a huge amount of items in the game, and if you need any specific artifact, then you can search for it for a very long time. If you can automate the search, then you will not have problems. It should also be remembered that some identifiers can be replaced by lexical meanings, for example, in addition to their own ID, races have textual notation - for example, ArgonianRace. It can also be used in the console. If you understand the identifiers, and also know how to use the console and know about all its features, then you can proceed to the most basic - directly to the commands. In the game Skyrim, the list of console commands is very extensive, so it is better to divide it into some thematic groups in order to more easily navigate in all this diversity.

Common commands

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Now you know a very important moment in the game Skyrim - how to enter console commands. Accordingly, it is time to study what you have to enter. As mentioned earlier, the console commands are divided into several groups to make it easier to navigate. And the first group includes general commands, such as, for example, TG - this command is responsible for the presence or absence of grass. The TIM command enables and disables your character’s immortality. Another cheat team is TCL, it offers your hero the opportunity to pass through walls and other obstacles. But the TM team is already designed for your convenience, with its help you can turn off the interface in order to dive deeper into the game world. Even more to this effect can add a TFC team, which includes a free camera, which will no longer be fixed to your character. With the help of the TAI command you can completely disable the actions of artificial intelligence, that is, all non-player characters and mobs will freeze and will not react to any influences. You can limit this command, for example, with the help of TCAI - you should use this combination if you want mobs and non-game characters to move, interact, but not be aggressive towards your hero. The TDetect team completely disables detection of your character, that is, in stealth mode, it will be invisible absolutely always, even if the enemy looks directly at him. These combinations belong to the general ones, and if console commands do not work in your Skyrim game, then you should check the correctness of the set and compliance with the norms and features. Over time, you will learn to quickly and accurately enter the commands you need, but at first it may not be as easy as it seems.

Object Commands

skyrim console commands don't work

The specifics of the object commands have been said earlier - now it’s time to look specifically at the combinations you will use. In TES: Skyrim, object-related console commands affect a particular item that your character sees in front of you. Also, some of the items you can use with the help of ID, even when they are not there, but it does not work in all cases. The most popular command related to this section is EquipItem. If after it to enter the identifier of any object that can put on or pick up your character, he will immediately receive it. Also popular is the setessential team, with which you can make not only your character immortal, but also others. Another very useful team is SBM, it allows you to trade even with those characters with whom it is not possible to do this in normal mode. In the game, you can enter into transactions only with merchants, but if you enter this command, aimed at another character, then you can trade with him, even if he is not a merchant.

SetAllowFlying is a team that will be useful to you if you encounter a flying opponent. By registering this combination, you will force a flying character, such as a dragon, to sit on the ground and no longer take off. In general, the game is full of such useful object commands, such as unlock, which opens any lock, or kill, which kills any selected character or mob. In the game Skyrim, console commands for money also belong to the objective ones - for example, you can add gold to your character or another character using the word additem, where you need to specify the team’s goal, the gold ID and the number of coins.

Quest teams

We should also consider teams that allow you to study quests in more depth, facilitate their implementation, as well as by any other means associated with the tasks that you are given during the game. As you can see, even these are console commands in Skyrim. Item IDs in this case, you no longer need - here you need quest IDs that you will register after a particular team. For example, the combination sqs shows in detail all the stages of the selected quest, and the getstage team displays the stage of the selected quest where you are. So you can check how much you have already completed and how long you have left. Naturally, there are teams that do not provide information, but help you in completing quests. For example, the setstage command allows you to go to any stage of a specific quest, and with the help of the completeallobjectives command you can mark all the tasks on the quest completed, thereby completing it. There are other useful commands, such as movetoqt - with its help you can move your character to the destination point on the quest instantly. In general, there are a huge number of ways that you can help yourself in completing the quest, or perform it at the same time. You should definitely look into these Skyrim console commands in more detail - the quests in the game are very complex and lengthy, so you may need the help that the console will give you. Or at least you can get information about a particular quest to better navigate it.

Character Commands

It's no secret that in The Elder Scrolls games, great attention has always been paid to the character - his character, characteristics and, of course, appearance. In the game there is a powerful editor that allows you to change the features of your hero's face - this was present even in the third part. What can we say about the fact that you can even choose a sign of the zodiac for your hero - and this will influence him in the future. And all this can be changed after character creation, using console commands in Skyrim. Skills, abilities, characteristics, facial features, physique and much more - all this changes, although in a standard game all this either remains unchanged, or changes only under certain circumstances and in specific locations. The addperk command at the same time will add to your character an ability, the identifier of which will be indicated in the text. The addspell team acts in the same way, which adds to your hero a spell he has not yet learned. There are also teams that can be called gameplay, that is, they do not directly affect the character itself.

It’s easier to give an example than to try to explain. The fov command allows you to change the camera view. By default, you can use the camera from the first person, as well as from the third person in order to inspect your character. With this command, the variety of cameras becomes much more. AdvLevel and AdvSkill teams allow you to set the level of your character, as well as his skills to any mark. There is one team that is not recommended, as it can overload your game, and also make it completely meaningless. So use it only for experiments. This is a psb command, with its help your character gets absolutely all the skills, perks, abilities and spells in the game. Agree, after such an interest in the process may drop sharply, and the performance of the game may deteriorate, since it is not designed for the fact that your character can learn everything that is available. This is how the console commands differ in the Skyrim game. The change in appearance is also attributed to this section, and there are also a wide variety of teams that affect not only the hair or tattoos, that is, what you yourself can change during the game, but also those features that are not amenable to change that is, the shape of the face, body build, or skin color.

Different teams

Of course, all console commands cannot be decomposed into a certain number of partitions - all those that cannot be assigned to a specific section will remain early. It is about them and will be discussed further. For example, the set playerfollowercount to command allows you to remove a certain number of your companions or even reduce it to zero in order to perform a full sweep of the rows. Another convenient command is killall. You probably remember the kill command, which allows you to kill any mob or character. If you use the killall command, then all living creatures in the location where you are are killed. An excellent weapon, but you should always remember about neutral and friendly characters - you are unlikely to want to kill them, so use this command only in those locations where only your enemies are located. Skyrim also has a rather bloody function - beheading. There is a small chance that your final blow will take away your opponent’s head. Naturally, every gamer would like to see such a spectacle, but it happens quite rarely. If you use the set DecapitationChance to command, then you can significantly increase your chance to see something similar during the game. Also worth mentioning are the fw and sw commands, which are responsible for changing the weather in the game, as well as set TimeScale to, which changes the speed of time. You use all these commands at your own peril and risk, but at the same time nobody forces you to resort to them, and you can do without them.

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