MailRuUpdater.exe service: how to remove?

As you know, many users when installing some programs are not very annoying, but also enraged by the appearance of some unnecessary panels or additional services. And Mail.Ru services are no exception in this regard. There are several components like Sputnik Mail.Ru or MailRuUpdater.exe. How to remove the "update", as well as other components, we now see. This can be done in several ways.

What kind of service is MailRuUpdater.exe (Mail.Ru Updater)?

In order to understand what this service is, you just need to refer to the translation. The word “Updater” itself refers to the update service. In this case, it concerns the automatic update of absolutely all Mail.Ru software products installed on the local computer.

mailruupdater exe how to remove

What is the saddest thing, in the list of processes that run in the background automatically when the system starts up, you can also find the MailRuUpdater.exe service. Not everyone knows how to remove it, all the more so when using standard tools, only the tip of the iceberg is removed, so to speak, after which a lot of garbage remains in the system, which an inexperienced user cannot find on his own. And some components are not removed at all. Let's see what can be done in this situation.

MailRuUpdater.exe: how to remove the easiest way?

Let's start with the simplest method, which involves the use of standard tools of the operating system itself (in this case, we consider only Windows).

To begin, we need to stop the MailRuUpdater.exe service in the active background processes directory present in the Task Manager. Deletion will be made later. To stop the service, you can use the simplest emergency completion process in the form of a button to remove the task. Note that in Windows 10 all the currently active and background processes are displayed, in lower versions you will have to use the services window.

mailruupdater exe application error

Now you need to disable the service so that it does not start when Windows starts. To do this, call the Run menu and use the universal command for all occasions - msconfig. On the tab that displays the startup items, simply uncheck the corresponding service. After that, some versions of Windows will require a reboot.

After a reboot, a message like “MailRuUpdater.exe: application error” may sometimes appear. Not always, but it can. Nothing wrong. Now we use the standard “Control Panel” with the program and component section and delete the service in the usual way. So advises most users who simply do not know how much garbage remains after removal, and some components are not removed at all and still hang in the background. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all actions be performed when the system is booted in safe mode (and it’s not a fact that everything will be deleted), but the message “MailRuUpdater.exe: application error” even when accessing other software products will appear again and again. Now let's see what needs to be done additionally.

Cleaning the registry

As a rule, the garbage after uninstallation remains in the form of undeleted files and folders (which will be discussed later) and residual entries in the system registry. Doing their search manually is a thankless task.

mailruupdater exe mail ru updater

For this, it is best to use automatic cleaners. One of the most powerful is the CCleaner application. Simply start the program and use either one-click optimization, or select the appropriate module responsible for the registry. After that, in the background, certainly no components will be left.

Using specialized uninstall utilities

In general, if you understand MailRuUpdater.exe, how to remove it entirely, it is best to turn to specialized programs. As one of the most powerful utilities, you can recommend iObit Uninstaller (today we already have the latest version of 5.1).

mailruupdater exe removal

When uninstalling programs of this type, the application first uses the native uninstaller of the component to be removed or the standard Windows service (Unwise, Uninstall Shield, etc.), and then performs a full scan of the computer, including the hard disk and registry, for residual garbage ( leftovers), after which, upon receiving confirmation from the user, removes absolutely everything.

By the way, this utility is also advisable to apply when the Mail.Ru update service is not displayed in the list of programs for some reason. Here you can use the search and forced uninstall (Forced Uninstall). For complete confidence at the end of the uninstall process, you can use CCleaner (although in most cases this is not necessary).

If not all was removed ...

Finally it remains to see whether everything has been deleted. We dealt with the registry. As for the residual files, you can proceed as follows.

In the main Start menu, use the search box in which you should enter C: \ Users \ "Username" \ AppData \ Local \, and then find a folder or files named Mail.Ru, and then delete them. Now, after all the actions taken, you can be sure that this obsessive service and all its components will be completely removed. Again, it is possible that the folder or files cannot be deleted. To fix the problem, you need to log in as administrator or use safe mode (this, incidentally, applies to all the above actions).

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