Socket 1156: socket appearance, processors and its technical specifications

Socket 1156 sales started in 2008 year. This is the first processor socket, focused on the use of chips based on the CORE architecture. It also introduced for the first time such important innovations as the RAM controller integrated into the semiconductor crystal of the central processor and the graphic accelerator. It is about this computing platform and will continue to be discussed.

1156 socket

The appearance of the processor socket and the development

В 2008 году для «Интел» сложилась крайне неприятная ситуация на рынке центральных процессоров. Ее вычислительная платформа на базе LGA 775 достигла максимума своих возможностей. Что-то большее из нее выжать было уже невозможно. В это же самое время ее извечный противник в лице АМД каких-либо проблем с развитием своих ЦПУ не испытывал. Сокеты АМ2 и АМ2+ успешно развивались и имели еще достаточный запас прочности для дальнейшего совершенствования.

Чтобы не отставать от противника и предложить достойный продукт на рынке компьютерных технологий, «Интел» выпускает революционный на тот момент Socket 1156. В течении трех лет он был наилучшим вариантом для сборки как ПК начального уровня, так и более продвинутых вычислительных машин. В 2011 году на смену LGA1156 пришел обновленный процессорный разъем LGA1155. Он был ориентирован на установку ЦПУ с архитектурой CORE 2-го поколения.

Sets of system logic

As many as four new chipsets were released simultaneously with Socket 1156. The motherboard, depending on the chipset used, was positioned as a solution to the initial, middle or even premium segment. In this case, the H55 belonged to the basic chipset. He supported the integrated graphics core, but did not allow the inclusion of RAID arrays in such a computing system. HNNUMX, in turn, also supported integrated graphics accelerators, but also allowed connecting RAID arrays to such a PC.

Even more advanced in this regard was Q57. He, in addition to all the above, also supported the technology of AMT at the hardware level. Its essence was to ensure that the PC could be controlled at a distance from another computer, which is part of a computer network. Apart in this list looks like P55. It was focused on the use of chips without a built-in graphics accelerator. Otherwise, its specifications were similar to the H57.

socket 1156 motherboard


Socket 1156 was intended for the installation and use of the first generation CORE chips. Celeron and Pentium processors occupied the niche of the least productive semiconductor crystals. Marking the first had the form G1XXX, and the second - G6XXX. And they had a higher level of performance due to higher clock speeds. The middle segment was occupied by solutions based on i3 and i5. In the first case, the CPU was related to the 5XX line and had a total 2 computing unit at the hardware level. In turn, i5 belonged to the 6XX line with 2 cores or 7XX and 4 compute blocks. The most productive models belonged to the i7 range. And they included 8 or even 12 computing threads and 4 or 6 hardware cores, respectively. They were denoted 8XX or 9XX.

Future of this platform

Socket 1156 hardware specifications continue to be relevant. And this CPU is able to cope with most tasks. But that moment is not far off when the computational capabilities of these silicon crystals will not be enough to execute the most complex program code. As a result, owners of such PCs will have to think about upgrading their computers. As a basis for building a new computer, this platform is not recommended. It is outdated both morally and physically. Components for it can only be relevant in the case when the system unit is partially out of order and it is necessary to urgently restore its performance at minimal cost.

socket 1156 processors


Socket 1156 заложил мощнейший фундамент, на базе которого появились последние пять поколений ЦПУ от «Интел». Все технологии, реализованные в нем, по сей день успешно используются в наиболее свежих и продвинутых моделях центральных процессоров. Это и технология НТ, и интеграция контроллера ОЗУ, и видеокарты на кристалл ЦПУ. Но сейчас эта платформа устарела и является уже неактуальной. Владельцам же таких ПК придется в течение ближайших 2-3 лет задуматься об обновке ЭВМ по причине нехватки вычислительных мощностей.

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