Tank “Skoda T 40”: first impressions

Word of Tanks is a game that has won the hearts of millions of players around the world. The reason for this was an unusual setting - there is no magic, elves, and other things in it, but there are powerful and brutal tanks. Even those who have little interest in the online entertainment world play it.

More recently, the branch of nations was replenished with Czechoslovakia, in particular the premium tank Skoda T 40 was added. So how can he please fans of steel monsters?

First impressions

tank scudda t 40

A new tank can be purchased for gaming gold. Like all premium vehicles, it has a number of nice bonuses - faster crew pumping, low repair costs, all modules are already open, etc.

Tank "Skoda T 40" - This is a machine of the sixth level, it belongs to the class of average technology. So, even if you are at the top of the team list, you should not forget that on the battlefield you will definitely have to face much more armored opponents. Like all medium-sized vehicles, a small amount of strength and poor booking of the Skoda T 40 tank is compensated for by high speed and maneuverability. His ideal role in the team is support or nimble "rush" to the enemy camp with subsequent shooting of artillery and gaping players. The benefit is high one-time damage guns and reload time contribute to this.

Overview of the tank "Skoda T 40"

review of the tank Skoda t 40

  • Safety factor - 700.
  • Forehead / side / feed reservation - 65,40 / 35.
  • Engine power - 700 HP
  • Maximum speed - 50 km.h.
  • Review - 370 m.
  • Radio range - 740.
  • The tool is 88mm L / 56.
  • Breaking BB - 132 mm.

This tank, like all premium cars, it gets much more credits and experience for the fight, which makes it possible to use gold shells more often. And alas, without them it will be tight, as armor penetration by a standard BB projectile will often be missed. And 200-mm “golds” is almost guaranteed penetration of opponents of even 8-level. However, as mentioned, the tank "Skoda T 40" obviously not for the game in the first line due to the low thickness of armor. Yes, and an excellent overview makes it possible to use ambush tactics, especially one-time damage in 200 units - this is a weighty argument.

The disadvantages include the long-term stabilization of the gun, the frequent incapacitation of the BC, and the poor penetration by standard shells. But in general, with a competent game with frequent changes of positions and the use of shelters, this is a very formidable weapon.

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[World of Tanks] Impressions of the game (guide) on the TT 8-level Germany Germany VK 100.01 (P) [patch 0.9.21]

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