Universal robots in Fallout Shelter. How to repair Mr. Helper?

Do you want to stay in Vault as comfortable as possible? That the rooms were clean, the children fed, the resources were replenished, and the residents never left a sense of security? If so, then General Atomics is ready to help. All you need to do is to order Mr. Helper - a robot that can easily perform all the necessary housework. But is it as reliable and good as they say about it?

In this case, there will be three questions that may interest players in the Fallout Shelter. How to fix Mr. Helper, how to get it, and whether this Robot is needed at all?

History of the Helper

Mr. Helper is a device that belongs to the category of home robots created by General Atomics before the war. They move or, better to say, fly with the help of jet engines and have several manipulators to perform all sorts of work. Their mission is in housework, dog walking, child care, but also resistance, if anything, they can also give. After all, they are equipped with a circular saw, flamethrower or laser.

fallout shelter how to fix mrAssistant robots from the Fallout (Mr. Handy) series of games were originally conceived for construction or repair purposes. Especially well they showed themselves during the analysis of debris after the Mexico City 2042 earthquake.

Since the advent of the premier Mr. Assistant, a lot of work has been done, because the first models of home robots, due to the large number of errors, were unstable. And only later their software kernel was improved, and the functionality was improved. After that, they could keep up the conversation and even entertain their master.

fallout shelter how to get mr helperIn the game Fallout Shelter, Mr. Helper is considered a very useful device. Since he is ready to take on almost any task: fighting enemies, putting out fires and even collecting covers outside the Vault.

Fallout Shelter: How to get Mr. Helper?

If someone is interested in the robot, you should know that you can get this model in three ways:

  • Ланчбоксы. Коробки для завтраков от компании "Волт-Тек" обычно содержат в себе много интересных вещей. И мистер Помощник» в данном случае не исключение. В Fallout Shelter ланчбоксы даются в качестве вознаграждения за выполнение некоторых заданий. Или в каждый седьмой день, проведенный в игре.
  • Buying in the store. In the game store you can buy a lot of useful things, including Mr. Helper. Even complete sets of such robots are on sale.
  • Find in the wasteland. This option is unlikely, but it is quite possible.

fallout shelter codesIt should be noted that after acquiring a robot, it will automatically take part in all events occurring in its area of ​​responsibility. And this also applies to repelling attacks at the Asylum. Therefore, the question of many Fallout Shelter players is so obvious: how to repair Mr. Helper if he suffers? About this a little later, but first you need to find out whether this robot will be useful to the residents of the Vault.

How is the Helper useful?

In fact, there is a lot of benefit from him, as he is able to perform various work both inside and outside the Vault:

  • Collecting resources. This is very convenient, especially if there are several such robots. After all, the truth is that he does this exclusively on the floor that is assigned to him. And we are talking only about the collection of energy, water and food. With regard to raising the level or characteristics of the resident, the player will have to do it yourself.
  • Vault Protection. As already mentioned, in the event of an attack, a robot can use a weapon: a circular saw or a flamethrower. So God forbid, if someone attacks one of the rooms, the robot will definitely go there and try to punish the enemy. And if a fire happens, the Assistant, armed with a fire extinguisher, will automatically go to eliminate it. In this regard, it is superior to ordinary people who will have to be drawn manually.
  • Вылазки в пустошь. Робот вполне может быть полезен и за пределами Убежища. Если его послать в Пустошь, то он будет собирать крышки. При этом можно не волноваться за его техническое состояние, вряд ли там ему будет что-то угрожать. Ведь роботу не страшна радиация, да и опасностей он старается избегать. Единственный минус заключается в том, что пока он будет собирать крышки, жителям Убежища придется обходиться без него.

Fallout Shelter: How to repair Mr. Helper?

Despite the fact that the robot has a high level of strength, it can still be broken. Of course, with every attack on the Asylum or a fire in his rooms, the technical condition of Mr. Handy will only get worse. And then again there will be a question that interests the players of the Fallout Shelter: how to fix Mr. Helper?

fallout mr handyUnfortunately, this is not possible. The fact is that they have not yet come up with stimulants that improve its performance. So you have to wait until it breaks completely, and then resurrect the robot with the help of covers.

Cheats and trainers

С момента появления игры прошло достаточно много времени, поэтому игроки уже давно делятся секретами, которые они раскрыли во время прохождения игры. Но многие интересуются, есть ли для Fallout Shelter коды. Ведь, зная их, можно первое время играть вообще без проблем. Только представьте, что нет недостатка в ресурсах, крышках или ланчбоксах. К сожалению, в Fallout Shelter коды пока не предусмотрены.

But there are no problems with programs called trainers. They promise to provide the Asylum with an endless supply of resources, lunch boxes and covers, they promise immortality, maximum happiness, protection from radiation, rooms without rats, and other things that make the Fallout Shelter easier.

Fallout Shelter Полностью все оружие, все снаряжение и все жители!

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