Earnings on the Internet. Your reviews about V-like.ru? How to earn?

Earnings on the Internet. Your reviews about V-like.ru? How to earn?

  • V-like is a website for making money on the Internet. The work is that you put hounds, reposts, join groups, add friends in the social network VKontakte and get money for it. The site really pays, deduced from there not once money, though ridiculous amounts for 15 rubles))) It's funny, of course, but a freebie will not hurt a penny)

  • This site is actually paid, money is paid on Wednesday night. But you can earn really a penny, no tasks, for joining the 20 group of cents, but adding friends is fraught, my page was frozen, because some magician I added on my behalf sent spam to everyone. Earned and deduced 19 rubles.

  • I myself have been working on this site for a long time. And I liked everything. If you work hard there, you quickly get 50p. And output. Money is always transferred without deception and any errors. But it took just three months and I was blocked. For the reason that I deleted my photos. And groups. I have 25p left there. Which I can not remove. And insulting. This is not the first time I am sending my application for verification. But all to no avail. I would rate the site itself on 5 +. And would recommend to others.

  • Registered on this site today 23.10.2014, there is not only registration in groups and husky, but there are other tasks, but here the system is such that you first agree to the task, and then you will find out what you should do ... the cat in the bag (( , as there is the addition of friends for money - 10 kopecks (here I do not understand why anyone pay money for this, if you can add to others for free?) .The withdrawal of money has not yet carried out.

  • You are all daun stupid I earn 10k rubles a month from this site with 100 accounts I have created on this site. There is such a sophisticated textnow service where you can take and use numbers and register accounts at least for any purpose and completely free. This site and in 30 per month. Just start 200 accounts in VC and do 100р on each for a month, even 150-300 is dialed from one account from 5- to 10 rubles a day, read

  • This is one of the services of promotion of sites in vakonakte and earnings on this! Much to my regret about earnings, as such, it is not necessary to think, because (again unfortunately!) The bulk of those who want to unwind, use for this not money but an internal quot; currency; other services (chips, points, voices, and then there ...), and these quotes; currenciesquot; in the exchangers are not listed!

    And very few tasks ...

  • Very simple earnings. Tasks are every day. Assignments are in the likes, joining groups, adding to friends. The completed task is usually estimated at 20 cents, you can withdraw 15 rubles. I deduce money on Webmoney. To earn on the site, you need to have a Vkontakte page.

  • Yes, from the point of view of the average user, who is looking for earnings on the Internet, V-like website - good, paying, giving at least some extra penny.

    From the point of view of social network VC and others - site V-like - harmful, because with his help there is a wrap-up of ratings, groups, likes, comments and even advertising fraudulent projects. It's true. I myself often faced with the fact that people posted ad scammers on the orders of such services as V-like and others. And, sincerely did not understand what evil they are doing for some miserable pennies. Advertise fraudulent pages that offer quot;удаленную работуquot; по набору текстов, сборке ручек фонариков и бижутерии, фасовке духов и карандашей etc. etc. They also lark these pages and leave there enthusiastic comments, breeding naive users for amounts ranging from 150 to 1000 rubles.

    examples: OOO Tomiks,OOO Lakis, quot; GerakLquot; - site geraklbook.ru, site sky-live.biz,site busyopt.com,. and especially rabotaannazvereva.com (Elena Yakushkina with lots of pages) hire people to spam their offers in contacts through offices such as V-Like.

    I had to once conduct a long dialogue with a girl who had no idea that she was working for scammers. She understood how she was framed, others answered: "Quit, it's a job, smart people will not do it, but fools need it!" Quot;

    And also advertised carding (international crime on stealing money from credit cards) and pseudo-carding, stupidly bred people for money for the delivery of cards.

    Such services as V-like a lot of. All is not listed. For example, socialtools.ru, SMMKA and others, for placing links (domain names, automatically converted into links by the system), which the BK ban. The case of Milan is generally blatant. I, too, fell under the distribution tonight and even steeper - ban for a month. Since already before that, too, there were quot; of the same kind. But the same ridiculous. Now it only came. Ban was not for an inactive link to a harmful resource, but for links leading to WoT or trustorg.

    Here are examples of my and not only my bitter experience Today:

    Earnings on the Internet. Your reviews about V-like.ru? How to earn?

    Yesterday's well-known wrestler with scammers Vlad Pavlov:

    Earnings on the Internet. Your reviews about V-like.ru? How to earn?

    My recent (ban for a week):

    Earnings on the Internet. Your reviews about V-like.ru? How to earn?

    We see that the ban was not for a link to a harmful resource, but for a link to the services for their evaluation, warning users about their danger.

    Dullness in the VC strikes. Their robots are programmed not only to the links of services for promotion, but also to their mention in posts with links to reliable and SUP reliable resources. Soon it will come to the point that ban will be for links to search Yandex and Google on request with the name of such sites.

    From my letter in support of the VC:

    Earnings on the Internet. Your reviews about V-like.ru? How to earn?

    That's it. We draw conclusions.

    • Be careful, do not place links to unwanted resources - get a ban, like us. Maybe already received.
    • We think, whether it is necessary to work for copecks with such resources, as V-like and others. Or at least choose tasks that do not directly harm ordinary users ..

  • Earnings on husky in contact. Registration is simple, you do not need to think too much about actions. You tell your friends, you put on husky, you join bands. The average price of the job is 25 kopecks, which is not much, but in fact the effort is minimum. No need to think, write articles, invest something. For a month it turns out 30- 50 rubles, not all want to "hands maratquot ;. And for me, so he keeps a penny a ruble.

    The withdrawal from 15 rubles on webmoney, you can and on the phone, but there from 50. I deduced four times from 30 to 50 rubles, everything comes.

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