Online auctions in Russia, what are they?

Online auctions in Russia, what are they?

  • Bag Hammer Ibei Antiques Control 24ua

  • As a rule, Russian auctions are analogues of the Western ones, created in their image and likeness. There are the main analogues of Ebey - (with 20.08.15 stopped working); - cars, children's things, household items (Distributed in the Krasnodar Territory), - antiques, rare things and books, vintage; - highly specialized online auction; - interesting for webmasters, puts up for bidding domain names. The choice of an online auction depends on your needs. Pay attention to their focus. Good luck to you!

  • I would say these:

    1) Sack link - a large area with a lot of topics, out of the shortcomings would not notice a too obvious structure.

    2) Ebey link - from the pros a large number of sellers and buyers from different parts of the world, the lack of temporary, language barriers.

    3) Newauction link - a new trading platform (with old traditions) under the replacement of the closed Internet auction quot "Hammer". The main specialization is antiques, collecting.

    4) Newmolot link - the same analogue of the online auction quot "Hammer".

    5) link - the largest trading Internet platform of Siberia, now expanded throughout Russia.

  • Even at the Masters Fair, there are many auctions for handmade products (the range of products is very wide). Auctions have their own theme: it can be an auction of the Master for their products, or maybe a general, for example, a Charity Auction.

  • The most popular online online auction is the Sack. In second place Newauction, it is several times smaller than the Sack by the number of lots exhibited. Previously, the largest online auction site was the Hammer, but it was closed in the summer of 2015.

  • The most popular online auction is of course Ebay. In second place Kupilot, later Bag. On the auction d-AUCTION you can buy an apartment, car or villa. Here you can buy a tablet or phone cheaply. And here you can buy everything you need for home or even a house.

    Online auctions in Russia, what are they?

  • In fact, there are enough auctions on the Internet that work productively and honestly, for example, if I go to the auction then only on Winover it is the most convenient and easiest for visitors in terms of buying things and paying, but still there are NewMolot, Meshok , KupiLot, Antikvariat,


    Creation and support of various trading platforms, mobile access to participation in auctions, sectoral auctions. Personal auction (only the site can sell products). Buyer's auction with price reduction by sellers.

    In general, it will be easier for you to see the list and the description of the nuances yourself.

  • Maybe I'm a little off topic. In BY domain there is an auction: Since we do not have borders with Russia, users from Russia can post their lots (at least in the rules I deducted that any user with an Internet connection can use the services, I did not take something into account - here is the link to the Rules - I read the rules of the auction and found no restrictions or bans on the residents of Russia anywhere.

    All that is not forbidden by rules, including coins, icons, antiques is sold and bought. Here is the link:

  • Actually, the choice is quite large. To know still what you want to sell or buy, it would be easier to advise.

    1 Winover

    2 NewMolot

    3 Meshok

    4 KupiLot

    5 Antikvariat


    If you know what exactly interests you, you can continue the list.

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