How can I change the phone number in Sberbank online?

How can I change the phone number in Sberbank online?

  • To change the cell phone number in Sberbank Online, you need to contact the nearest branch of Sberbank. In the office you will be given a form of application of the established pattern, after which you will be replaced by a telephone number for the required one.

  • You can change the phone number to Savings Bank only where you wrote it. In the same branch of the bank, where they gave you a plastic card and tied it to the bank on-line. Other options are not considered at all. Sberbank honors her honor as an innocent girl. Also it is necessary to death on guard, guarding our money. It is very difficult to negotiate with him. So take a card, a passport and a savings bank. So talk about your problem, your documents are examined, checked, they give you a pile of papers, and within a week you will be congratulated: we have registered your number.

  • This operation can be carried out only in the branch of the Savings Bank, and only in the one in which you have a bank card.

  • To change the phone number, you need to contact the Sberbank office where you have an account opened. This operation is performed only with the personal participation of the account holder and upon presentation of a passport.

  • As far as I know, the phone number in the "Sberbank online"; you can only change for your account, you can only personally contact the main branch of your city's bank and write the corresponding application, it will not be possible to do this via the toll-free contact phone of the bank, even if you name the code word and passport data.

  • Through the online bank this operation can not be performed, it's for sure, she tried to do it herself. So with all the reluctance to stomp in the Savings Bank, I had to do it. Do not forget to bring your passport with you. In the house you will have to write a statement.

  • Have to go to the bank Sberbank!

    So through the Internet this will not work. Even through Sbarbank Online.

    When you go to the bank, take your passport with you, where you fill out the application.

    But it is much easier through ATMs.

    to disconnect the mobile bank, and then turn it on again, but specify a new number.

  • Change the mobile phone number for the quot; Sberbank-Onlinequot; you can only contact one of the branches of the Savings Bank personally with a document proving the identity - with a passport. If you change the phone number - I recommend that on the same day, urgently change the number in the bank, because you can not save yourself from fraud in the future. If the sim card with your old number will be from another person - he may receive an alert on the card and all the funds he can transfer to other personal accounts. And then you can not prove anything, so you are fully responsible for preserving your personal information.

  • In order to change the phone number in "Sberbank Online", you will have to go to the Sberbank office, taking your passport with you. There it will be necessary to write a statement.

    You can also change the phone number using the Sberbank ATM. You need to disable the mobile bank in the menu. Then turn it back on, but enter a new phone number when you turn it on. This simple procedure will take you much less time than waiting in Sberbank and filing a statement on the model.

  • change phone number to Savings Bank online

    You can change the phone number in Savings Bank online in two ways.

    • 1 way. Contact the Sberbank office, where you will have to write an application for changing the number in the Internet bank. This method is not the most convenient.
    • 2 way. With the help of Sberbank's bankmat. In the ATM of the Savings Bank, in one of the menus, disconnect the mobile bank, and then reconnect, but already enter the new phone number. The procedure takes about 1 minute of time, very convenient.
  • If you need to change the phone number in Sberbank Online, from which you receive various confirmations for transactions, you can do this at the branch of the bank in your presence and necessarily with a passport.

    There you will be asked to write an appropriate application and after that within a few days the number should change to a new one.

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