How to find out the organization by TIN?

How to find out the organization by TIN?

  • Here is a link to the tax site to find out by the TIN the name of the organization, location, OGRN, checkpoint, the date of registration, making changes and the OGR.

  • In Ukraine, there is an open to all information search service on the GP website quot; information resource center ". It issues part of the information base of the State Register of enterprises and entrepreneurs of individuals. Link and screenshot.

    How to find out the organization by TIN?

  • Very simply on the site of the tax is a service, where you can find an organization if you enter the name or ogrn, only there is given the general information of the company name and the year of foundation. For a more accurate verification of the counterparty, there is a system for checking out the Contour Focus, where you can find any organization and IP, as well as give all the ins and outs on the firm, who is the director, how many organizations are registered on this person, court cases, etc. But this system is paid, about 16000 per year, for the trial you can use the demo version.

  • Another service provides an opportunity to find an organization by TIN - Kommersant Kartoteka. Directly on the main page enter the value of the TIN and the system gives you a company card where you can find out for free: name, address, OGRN, checkpoint, etc. The company's card with all the open data (phone, fax, manual, etc.) costs 118 rubles.

    How to find out the organization by TIN?

  • If we have a TIN of the organization, we can easily find out its name using the Internet. To do this, go to the site. Federal Tax Service. In the upper window (OGRNGRNNN) enter 13 digits, below the code and find.

  • The largest open database on legal entities on the BRC, more accurately not find, everywhere is cut, and they have full

  • To find out the organization by TIN, just contact the official website of the Federal Tax Service .

    The site has a form with which you can find information about organizations listed in the Unified State Register of Uniform State Register of Legal Entities. Search can be conducted on various parameters, including the TIN.

    And in by results of search on TIN get more information about the legal entity.

    This service is free and the most accurate, in contrast to the many paid services that are offered on the network.

    How to find out the organization by TIN?

  • How to find an organization by taxpayer identification number? Very simply on the site

  • - просто вводите в строку ИНН организации, и все.

  • How to find an organization by TIN?

    The very often had to learn the addresses and other data from the organizations. In this case, only the TIN and the name or only the name were known. I have two ways, I use both with pleasure.

    1 way. Tax Service Website with taxpayer data. Enter the TIN, information about the full name of the company, legal address, date of changes made in the register, OGRN is displayed.

    If this data is not enough, I use a different method.

    2 way. Contour-Focus. There is data not only the above, but also activities, OKPO, CAT, other addresses. You can download the extract of Incorporation in the same place about this organization for more detailed information. But some information is hidden there, only Contour Extern subscribers can see it.

  • - просто вводите в строку ИНН организации, и все. Там же можно и наоборот, по названию организации узнать ее ИНН, если вам это нужно для оформления каких-либо документов. Можете просто набрать в поисковике Контр Фокус.

  • You can go to official site Tax Service of Russia, to learn by TIN the name of the organization.

    On this site of the Federal Tax Service there is a special form, and with its help you will be able to find out the data that interests you.

    With this form you will learn about all organizations that are listed in the Unified State Register of Tax Service. In the search form you can conduct, as the TIN number, and you can enter other parameters.

    And even by searching with the help of TIN you can get real detailed information about this legal entity.

    This service on the site is completely free.

    How to find out the organization by TIN?

  • On the site of the RF Tax Inspectorate.

    The function is called quot;Check yourself and the counterpartyquot ;.

  • To search for a legal entity, the TIN in Ukraine, it is necessary to apply with a request to the state registrar who can issue a special document-extract from the state register of legal entities and individuals of entrepreneurs.

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