How to link another phone number to the Sberbank card?

How to link another phone number to the Sberbank card?

  • Go to the Sberbank ATM, insert a card, find it in the menu, link a card or a mobile bank, and enter your new number. It is possible and through the operator, but through an ATM is easier. But how to untie the old number, most likely through the operator.

  • To bind a new mobile number to the Sberbank card, you need to come to the bank branch (do not forget your passport) and write the corresponding application with the operator. After completing the procedure, a new phone number will be tied to your card.

  • In order to change the phone number tied to your Sberbank card, you must contact the Sberbank branch, write an application for changing the phone number there. This will change the number of the reference. But make sure that the number has been deleted, otherwise fraudsters will be able to withdraw money from your card, especially if Simka was lost.

  • It is not difficult to attach another phone number to the Sberbank card, but for this you have to go to a bank branch, where you write a statement about changing the phone number, draw up a new contract and you will be bound to a new number to the card. Do not forget your passport, without a passport in the bank will not help you.

  • You need to go to the branch of Sberbank and terminate the previous agreement on the current phone number, especially if it is lost. Accordingly, you need to take a passport and a card. Further you sign a new contract on a new phone number, the main thing is that it should be registered in your name. Employees of Sberbank in any case fully explained in detail.

  • In order to link a new number to the Sberbank card, you need to go to the bank branch. Take a passport and write statements. After that, you will be brought to the map a new number. But in no case do not pull with it. Since if the room is sure, they can take advantage of fraudsters.

  • If you decide to link another phone number to the Sberbank card, so that the quot; Mobile Bank quot; service would work for you, then you need to contact the nearest Sberbank branch.

    Do not forget to take a card and a passport with you, the contract is not necessary in this case.

    A new contract is drawn up in the department, the experts tie your card to the new phone.

  • This can be done through Sberbank Online or through a bank operator. You need to come with a passport and sign a statement that you will be given. After that, the mobile bank will be disabled on the old SIM card and transferred to the new one.

  • The phone number you bind to the number in order to be able to use the service quot; Mobile Bankquot ;. If you already use it, you will need to come to the nearest branch with your passport and fill out an application for disconnecting the paid service (30 rubles / month current cost). Then, dictate the new number to the operator and wait for the SMS to confirm the connection is already at home for 24 hours.

  • you need to contact the Savings Bank branch with a passport and a card, and apply for disconnecting a mobile bank from one number and connecting to another number.

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