Can I transfer money from a megaphone to a bank card?

Can I transfer money from a megaphone to a bank card?

  • Withdraw money from the number "Megaphone"; on a credit card you can. I recently did this out of interest. Only here the percentage of output was too big. For the withdrawal from the SIM card to the credit card of Sberbank 2 thousand rubles from me took 242 a ruble of interest. The result was 12,1%.

    You can repeat this here.

  • To not particularly bother with data entry and SMS sending, you can use web form. In the special field, enter the phone number and you will be sent a password to log in. And then - a friendly interface!

  • I think that it is possible

    But what to avoid unnecessary problems - the best thing to consult

    Go to the communication salon Megafon (address in your city) can be found on the Internet

    So specify, it is possible or not

    The consultant should clearly and clearly explain whether it is possible to translate and, if possible, how

    PS: I heard that you can do quickly through SMS. But why risk, if you are not sure?

  • You can easily transfer money from the mobile account of the operator quot; Megafon; on any bank cards, but it should be noted that the commission will be approximately 10 percent in total and at least you can transfer the amount of fifty Russian rubles.

  • In fact, now such additional services are provided by all known cellular operators.

    There are many advantages to this action and, perhaps, one drawback is the commission.

    You can find the translation instruction below.

    Can I transfer money from a megaphone to a bank card?

  • On the number 3116 send SMS: the type of payment (card), card number, month / year, amount. All this is written in a space.

  • You can transfer money from the operator's megaphone to a bank card, but a commission is charged for this. Tariffs for transfer are:

    Can I transfer money from a megaphone to a bank card?

    As we can see, the minimum amount is 50 rubles.

    You can translate using the web form on website megafon.

  • This can easily be done.

    The minimum amount for transfer is 50 rubles.

    But keep in mind that for the transfer from the vases a commission is charged, about 10 percent.

    Для перевода заполняем специальную веб-форму, которая находится на официальном сайте компании quot;Мегафонquot;. Вот на него ссылка.

  • It is possible, but it will be very expensive to transfer money from the phone account of the operator Megafon to the card. it’s better to think how to do it for free, for example, to take the help of friends.

    To carry out the operation from the site of the operator Megafon or to use SMS service.

    And the transfer commission is

    For a transfer from 1 to 4999 rubles, they will take 7,35 percent plus 95 rubles.

    If more 5000 rubles to 15000 rubles, then the amount of commission 7,35 percent plus 259 rubles

  • Now such a service is provided by mobile operators. Therefore, you can easily make a transfer from a SIM card to a bank card. How to transfer money from Megaphone to a bank card via SMS you can see here.

    Everything is explained with screen shots.

  • Yes, indeed it is possible.

    If you want to transfer your money from your phone number, which belongs to the operator Megafon to your card, then you can transfer the amount that is more than 50 rubles. The commission will be 7 percent.

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