How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

  • The largest gold nugget that has been described and photographed is the nugget found on the goldfield in Australia, called the "Holterman's Plate", containing about 93 kg of gold, the rest was mica.

    There are references to a nugget found in Chile weighing 153 kg, but there are no photographs of it.

  • According to officially confirmed data, the largest nugget is the nugget, found in Australia in 1869 by John Deson and Richard Oates, titled "Desired Guest"; with a weight of 72,02 kg.

    The largest nugget in Russia was found in the 1842 year in the Urals - "Golden Triangle", weighing 36 kg.

    How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

  • The largest gold nugget in the history of the world is Holtermann Nugget (Holterman's plate) discovered in 1872 in Australia at the Star of Hope mine in the Hill End area of ​​New South Wales. It was a huge piece of quartz the size of 1,44 on 0,66 at 0,1 meters, weighing over 0,25 tons, of which 93 kilograms of pure gold.

    Three years earlier in the same Australia accidentally found a nugget weighing 72,02 kg of pure gold, dubbed the Desired Stranger.

    In 1901 year in Japan on the island of Hokkaido found a gold nugget weighing 71 kg. The Japanese called him.

  • I already had to answer the same question. So who would and how did not ascribe himself the primacy of finding the largest nugget in the history of gold mining but the fact remains. The largest nugget in the history of gold mining on the planet was found in Australia at the Hill End mine, the weight of this nugget was slightly more than 100 kilograms found the nugget was 1872 year. But I must say that gold in this nugget is not so much in veins of gold mica occupies a large place.

    How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

  • Here is the thing - the biggest nuggets were a lot (as they are found), but as the very, very large nuggets "do not live to see"; up to now, although they have been officially registered / recorded / described, measured, weighed. Most of the giants were launched "in the expenditure"; - for melting, at best, for today, made models on the surviving photographs.

    But the records are preserved, they are, and according to these records the picture is as follows:

    The remaining records in the Arab annals say that in the 11th century a huge gold nugget was found on the territory of present-day Afghanistan, the dimensions of which are described as “elbow per elbow” human history is not fixed. Of course, he quot; did not live; "quot; even before photographing it - it was crushed, sawed, crushed ...

    There is an entry in one of the books on history - that in the middle of the XIX century in Brazil, they dug up a gold nugget weighing about 200 kg. And this giant even captured ...

    Found 1872 year in Australia at the mine quot; Star of Hope; quot; in the Hill End region of New South Wales, the huge nugget of gold was a bit more fortunate — it was photographed and we can see this giant. In this nugget, called quot; Holterman's Plate; on a piece of quartz the size of 1,44 on 0,66 on 0,1 meter, weighing more than 250 kilogram, increased 93 kilogram of pure gold. And although the fate of his predecessors befell him (he was melted down), photographs were preserved ...

    How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

    Further, according to mineralogical scientists, there is a nugget of pure gold of record weight 72,02 kilogram, named the coveted stranger, who was discovered in 1869 all in the same Australia, literally quot; . Although all the same, though somehow yes immortalized - on a preserved photo made his dummy

    How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

    and all in the same Australia discovered was a gold nugget weighing a kilogram in 54, named quot; Brilliant Barkliquot ;. Alas - no nugget, no photos

    Quite unexpectedly, a very large gold nugget weighing 71 kg was found in 1901 year in Japan on the island of Hokkaido, it is not surprising that it was named “Japanese” ;. Remelted without a trace ...

    According to the systematics of mineralogists, the following table

    How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

    And it turned out that all the largest gold nuggets have sunk into oblivion, being remelted and used for various purposes. And today the largest nugget of gold in the world is the Russian nugget quot; Big Triangle; (the first of the largest gold nuggets found in Russia), which was discovered by the miner Nikifor Syutkin in the Urals, at Tsarevo-Aleksandrovsky mine in the valley of the Miass river in 1842 year. quot; Big Triangle; weighing kg 36 to this day has safely and firmly taken root in the collection of the Diamond Fund of Russia. quot; Big Trianglequot; He is famous for the fact that he is the largest nugget in the world today with a weight of 36 kg.

    How much does the biggest gold nugget weigh?

  • The largest kingfish in the world was discovered in 1869. He was immediately found by two - John Dyson and Richard Oates. The weight of the nugget turned out to be 72 kilograms. You understand that such a nugget to find one (dragging will not work).

  • The Ural nugget quot; big trianglequot;, weighing about 36 kilograms remained the largest of all the remaining gold nuggets.

    About him answered in detail here: The biggest gold nugget found in Russia?

  • Information about the "world's largest nuggets"; The Japanese, found on the island of Hokkaido in the 1901 year (weighing about 71 kg), and a nugget named "The Holterman Plate", found in Australia at 1872-th year (weighing about 100) kg).

    But the biggest gold nugget on the planet is quot; Welcome guest;, found in Australia in 1869-th year. His weight was seventy-one kilograms.

  • Information in the network on this topic is quite contradictory. Numerous sources indicate absolutely different data on the largest nuggets of gold found in the world. For example, Wikipedia indicates that the largest gold nugget was discovered in Australia in the state of Victoria in 1869. The weight of this nugget is 70,92 kilograms, and the mass of pure gold in the composition is 69,92 kilograms.

  • The largest nugget was found in California (USA) in 1873 year, and its weight was 108,8 kilograms. Other sources indicate that the largest nugget is a nugget called the "Holterman Plate", found in 1872 in Australia. Interestingly, its weight in different sources is also different: some indicate the weight in 100 kilograms, while others - 275 kilograms.

    And the weight of the largest platinum nugget, found in the Urals in 1843, was 12 kilograms.

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