The brow - what is it? The meaning of the word "brow"?

The brow - what is it? The meaning of the word "brow"?

  • quot; CHELOquot; part of the body called "LIKquot"; )

    In our quot; ЧЕЛЛОquot; this is the LOB that is part of the body quot; LIC-FACE.

    quot; Beat the brow; then bowing. To beat a brow is compared with an extreme degree of gratitude and gratitude on so much that it bends obliquely with its forehead on the floor ..)

  • In the encyclopedic dictionary, the word "brow" means "to beat the brow" -claim to the ground, ie to ask or to thank. According to the dictionary, Dalya means the forehead part of the head from the crown to the eyebrows.

  • Слово quot;челоquot; - это устаревшее слово - архаизм. Существительное, неодушевленное, 2 склонение.

    Obsolete word quot; means - forehead, part of head from crown to eyebrows. quot;Бить челомquot; - низко кланяться, отдавать поклон, благодарить. Отсюда и выражение quot;бить челомquot;.

    The word "quot; most often used in literary works as archaism in the meaning of quot; But there are other meanings.

    • The head, the head of something, the beginning or the top. For example - the brow of the river (source), the brow of the troops, the head.
    • The outer opening of the Russian furnace (smelting furnaces). For example, quot; head with a furnace brow, and the brain is absolutely nothing;

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  • The brow is archaism. In modern speech, the forehead is called the forehead. The meaning of the word brow is the same as that of the forehead - part of the face from the eyes to the hair. Examples of the use of the word "brow": "I beat the brow".

    Often in internet slang you can find a shortening of the word man as "person". No village, I think about the village. But to the forehead as to the forehead this relationship does not have, but can be misleading.

  • The forehead is an outdated name for the forehead. The correct answer is the forehead.

  • The brow is the forehead. The name is obsolete and has Old Slavic roots. In the Ukrainian language it sounds like "cholOquot ;, in Belarusian" quot; cholot ;, in Bulgarian - quot;

    From the word quot; proisodit "petition"; - in the old days, a petition to the sovereign, at which they bowed, that is, "brow beat";

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