What is the Holocaust?

Studying the historical literature of the Second World War, you can often come across such a word as “Holocaust”. Where did this concept come from? What is a holocaust? We will try to find the answer to these and other questions.

What is the Holocaust?

This word is of Greek origin and means burnt offering. This term is used to describe the events of 1933-45's associated with the persecution and massacres of the Jewish people by the Nazis. Documentary sources claim that more than six million people died during this period.

Holocaust. Story

The policy of anti-Semitism was secretly carried out in Western European states right up to the fifteenth century. Then, as a result of economic, religious, and other controversies, the Jewish nation was ousted to Eastern Europe. However, the persecution of them did not stop there. And even the Christian church advocated the persecution of the Jews.

In the twentieth century, Germany assumes the role of initiator and organizer of the policy of anti-Semitism. From this time and for twelve years, the persecution of the Jews takes on the character of cruel mass persecution and merciless extermination. These measures were carried out in accordance with the policies of Hitler's Nazism.

Back in 1924, Adolf Hitler wrote his famous book called My Struggle, in which he substantiates the "system" of extermination of the Jews. Two years after he came to power, he created a series of anti-Jewish laws. These decisions significantly limited the activities of the Jews in all spheres of life, depriving them of their citizenship and prohibiting marriage with the Germans.

In 1938, on the orders of Adolf Hitler, a pogrom of the Jewish population was organized, which was popularly called the Crystal Night. During its conduct, more than thirty thousand people were sent to concentration camps.

This event marked the beginning of the brutal German genocide carried out in many European countries.

Hitler's policy towards the Jews

It is possible to understand what the Holocaust is and reliably assess its scope by familiarizing yourself with the basic principles of the Nazi ideology. Hitler believed that the German race needed the best living conditions. This is possible only due to the deprivation of property of the Jews and the subordination of the territories of other peoples, which, because of their uselessness, are subsequently subject to extermination. For these purposes, the Nazi entourage, in the territories they captured, created special concentration camps of death. German Nazis used gas chambers and cars to destroy the Jewish people.

Holocaust victims

On the territory of Russia as a result of mass executions killed more than two million Jews. Approximately five hundred thousand people died in labor camps and ghettos from malnutrition, disease and ill-treatment.

Combating anti-Semitism

In 1942, the Jewish Committee issued a statement calling on Jews from all over the world to actively fight against German fascism. The call caused an immediate effect. Former prisoners of the German occupiers created regular armies, partisan detachments, and in concentration camps - resistance groups. Fighting on all fronts, the Jews waged an implacable fight against the Nazis. Perhaps the most heroic and at the same time tragic event was the uprising that occurred in the Warsaw ghetto in 1944, when more than ten thousand people were killed. For many of them, death in the struggle was a peculiar form of spiritual resistance and courage.

In the 1945 year after the end of the Second World War, the Nürnberg Court, on the initiative of the world political elite, indicted the leaders of the Nazi occupiers of mass murder. Thus ended the period of mass persecution of the Jews.

That's what the holocaust is. For the entire Jewish population, this word will always respond to unbearable pain in the soul.

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