What are monosyllabic, disyllabic, trisyllabic and four-syllable words?

What are monosyllabic, disyllabic, trisyllabic and four-syllable words?

  • Monosyllables are words in which 1 is a word, that is 1 vowel.

    House, cat, current, com, hold.

    Two-syllable - 2 syllables, 2-syllables.

    A pipe, a packet, a vase, a pie, a trail.

    Three-syllable - 3 syllables, 3 vowels.

    Road, patty, feather, nettle, runner.

    Four-syllable - 4 syllables, 4 vowels.

    Arctic, cooking, salting, chess player, disyllabic.

  • Monosyllabic, polysyllabic words.

    The definition of one, two, ..., four-syllable words is based on the number of syllables that these words include. Those having more than one syllable are multisyllabic.

    In this way,

    What are monosyllabic, disyllabic, trisyllabic and four-syllable words?


    - one-syllable: forest, wolf, sheaf, move, call, night, cat, gloss, vulture, role, bush, sight, type, rice, cane, instant, face;

    -double-syllable: winter, bird, fox, ash, tamga, wine, sieve, dogwood, tower, pie, face;

    -trskloslozhnye: shirt, paper, gimp, silica, cave, hut, galoshes, foam rubber, hypocrite;

    - Quaternary: stool, dovecote, mockingbird, tectonics, semantics, rhetoric, hypocritical;

    -sypusyllabic: justification, touch, awareness, telepathy, informatics, cosmogony, dramaturgy, morphology, face-to-face

  • In fact - everything is simple. A monosyllable word has one syllable, a disyllabic word consists of two syllables and further in the same way. Suppose, for example, the word fly. It is a two-syllable word, so it consists of 2 syllables - mu and ha.

  • Words monosyllabic, dicosyllabic, trisyllabic, tetrasyllabic have in the beginning their numerals, which will prompt that it is a question of the number of syllables in words. The names themselves, as you can see, quot; speakingquot ;.

    Esli это monosyllablethen one syllable in it will make one vowel sound, for example:

    tom, cat, look, laziness, stump, rain;

    В disyllabic word contains two vowels and accordingly two syllables:

    o-laziness, ska-mya, kro-lyk.

    Three-syllable the word has in its sound form three vowels and three syllables:

    mo-lo-ko, pro-sh-nya, o-go-rod, kra-si-vy.

    У four-syllable words - four vowel sounds and four syllables, For example:

    on-zy-wa-et, on-re-chi-e, za-da-no-e, zna-che-ni-e.

    There are five-syllable words with five vowels sounds and five phonetic syllables, for example:

    co-sta-vle-ni-e, skazu-e-mo-e, pre-dlo-the-ee, o-for-mle-n-e.

  • The meaning (explanation) of these words in the name itself (in the word itself).

    One - complex, two - complex, and so on -> one syllable, two syllables and so on.

    A word is one-syllable, which consists of only one syllable. Examples of such words are the following: laziness, table, sleep, hook, circus, honor.

    Two-syllable words are words that consist of two syllables: face, meat, wind, needle and so on.

    Three-syllable words are words with three syllables: marmalade, kerchief, breeze, etc.

    An example of a four-syllable word is a catamaran.

  • Everything is extremely simple. In Russian, words are divided according to syllables and depending on how many syllables in the word and it turns out:

    • monosyllable,
    • two-syllable,
    • three,
    • and so on.

    Thus, to determine a word by this criterion, it is necessary to break it by syllables or to reveal all the vowels in the word. The more vowels - the more syllables and vice versa.

  • it depends on the number of syllables in the word-

    yes-one syllable is a monosyllable word,

    it must be two syllables, so the word is disyllabic

    write three syllables - three-syllable

    a parody - four syllables - a four-word word ...

  • In monosyllabic words there is one syllable: mouth, garden, scrap.

    In two-syllabic there are already two syllables: the moon, the toad, the cloud. Or yulia is also a two-syllable word.

    There are three syllables in three of them: the newspaper, the fox, the curtain.

    In four-syllable, of course, four syllables: a curtain.

  • So to say on the complexity of the word are divided depending on the number of syllables in them. It should be remembered that the syllable necessarily implies the presence of one vowel in nm, otherwise it does not. So following this logic, we can draw the following conclusion:

    What are monosyllabic, disyllabic, trisyllabic and four-syllable words?

  • Determine which is the word-monosyllabic, disyllabic, etc. very simple:

    • monosyllabic words consist of 1-th syllable and 1-th vowel (house, cheese, forest);
    • disyllabic words consist of 2-s syllables and 2-x vowel letters (dacha, vase);
    • trisyllabic words consist of 3-s syllables and 3-x vowel letters (road, dog);
    • four-syllable words consist of 4-s syllables and 4-vowel letters (polar, salting).
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