What smells like spring?

What smells like spring?

  • Fresh wind and the first spring flower,

    And the wandering of minds from love,

    And a short skirt and a warm day,

    And the romance of a young soul.

  • Spring smells of warmth,

    she smells like flowers.

    And if you are in love -

    she smells of perfume!

    And if you are a sailor -

    the sea smells of foam.

    And if the cosmonaut -

    The earth is sure to!

    Everyone has his own

    spring smell favorite!

    Spring smell of yours -

    absolutely unique!

  • For me, the spring smells primarily of river and lake freshness, renewal, the smell of buds that have not yet blossomed, but are already ready to open, it's so bitter, intoxicating. Spring is the smell of heat, of the sun. It is the smell of mud, of earth, awakened from sleep, the first grass. It is the smell of freedom, lightness.

  • for me, sweet taste of rain, gentle but strong wind, sometimes just pulled out of the oven with baking or ice from the freezer, and when everything is in bloom, it's generally a light sweetish drop, all the spirits nervously smoke on the sidelines)))) (I seem to write like smoked) XD

  • Variants of correct answers to the game "; 100 to 1quot; to the question: "What smells like spring?"

    1) flowers;

    2) freshness;

    3) grass;

    4) lilac;

    5) heat;

    6) love.

    And personally for me the spring has long since not smells. Due to the addiction to smoking, I forgot how to smell the spring. It's a pity!!!

  • Surprisingly, the smell of spring, which, on the one hand, does not exist at all, but, on the other hand, it can not be confused with any other smells. Spring is the blossoming foliage, the flowers, the grass that appears on the thawed patches. When apple and cherry blossom blossom, their smell fills the surrounding space with a unique aroma. In addition, I personally like the smell of blossoming poplar leaves, which smell not only the leaves themselves, but also the opened scales of the kidneys falling from the branches and streaking sidewalks and lawns.

    And even the same question is in the popular game 100 to 1, where a hundred people gave their answers and that's what turned out to be among the six most popular:

    100 to 1. What smells like spring?







  • Spring smells primarily of life and grace. This is the birth of a new life, the first leaves start to appear on the trees, the first flowers, the grass turns green. Everything around speaks about life. The sun shines brightly, the air smells of freshness. I love this time, joy, hope for the best.

  • Spring smells of thawed snow, the first fragrant spring flowers, including snowdrops, which grandmothers sell almost every store.

    The spring smells of forest.

    So you want to spend the first sunny days on the street outdoors, outdoors and enjoy the scent of spring and, as in childhood, run through puddles and let the boats through the brooks.

    What smells like spring?

  • My spring smells like a tree warmed by the sun ... From childhood I remember this smell. As soon as winter gradually began to recede, a new, unfamiliar scent appeared on our veranda. The sun beat into the suite of small square windows. The frosty air was replaced by a warm, woody fragrance ... It was quite thin, barely perceptible, but I knew at once that it was spring!

  • Recently there was a similar question.

    there are very nice answers, incl. even with pictures, completely spring)

  • Spring smells of light freshness, the first flowers, lilac, bird cherry, apple and cherry blossom, first grass and foliage. And the spring smells of the first rain. Unfortunately, on the playgrounds in front of the houses, the spring smells of hideous dog shit, that is, stinks.

  • Spring is a time of awakening, joy, warmth. Spring has many smells, probably much more than the other season. Spring smells of thawed snow and murmuring water, smells of birch sap and alder pollen, smells of lilies and daffodils, smells of mimosa and tulips, lilac and bird-cherry ... Spring smells are very delicate and tender, like spring itself.

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