What is stupidity?

What is stupidity?

  • Stupidity is the opposite of rationality.

  • Stupidity is rashness, limited intelligence. Or quot; to clever action because of the laziness of the mind, not the readiness for a clever decision, inexperience of the relationship as to a living being, and to everything in general (the society of beings, their laws, the principles of nature, faith, etc.)

  • Stupidity is a lack of knowledge. Unlike dementia, stupidity can be eliminated by providing a person with enough knowledge. Also, a person, feeling himself stupid, can gain knowledge and become more intelligent.

    Stupidity is of different degrees and kinds. For example, a person can understand technology, but do not understand social relations, in psychology. Or a person knows how to crochet, but does not know how to knit. A person can understand mechanics, but do not understand electronics. Rudeness, inability to behave culturally - this is also a sign of stupidity, and not small.

    The most stupid person is one who never doubts his mind.

    It happens that despite the knowledge given to the person, the information, he still insists on stupid things. There is already acting stubbornness, and pride.

  • Stupidity is a bunch of mistakes: Ignorance, laziness, conceit, pride, recklessness, rashness (nonsense), dreaminess (somewhere in the clouds soars), haste (fuss) that leads to unreasonable actions.

  • You know, today Alexander 13 asked a question. Why are banalities spoken with a smart look? definition of stupidity, it’s not easy either, because everyone knows for themselves what stupidity is, but it is difficult to define. And indeed, it is very difficult. Perhaps, if you watch the film The Cult of Stupidity, it will be easier to do, but I’ll not venture to give my definition. Do you know why? I'm not sure that is really nonsense.

  • stupidity is a lack of information. examples of a great variety! But here is one of them. If you know about the intricacies of banking, then it is unlikely that you will take out a loan at a certain percentage, and another person will take a loan in the same bank under N%, whereby it falls on a large sum. the result will be done by yourself)

  • Stupidity is the stupidity of a person who sees obvious things, but can not analyze them. Stupidity, unfortunately, is not treated, stupidity happens even for those who seem to seem smart in appearance. It is often said that stupid brains do not.

  • Stupidity is a discrepancy with the generally accepted criteria of rational behavior. Stupidity is irrational, not economical, and it looks ugly. The exact line, where stupidity, and where not, is not easy to conduct. This is a subjective category.

  • If we consider nonsense in the broadest sense of the word, then, I believe, this is some kind of limitation of human brain activity - from the medical point of view it is not pathological, but in the interaction of people it can manifest quite otchtlivo. If you compare the human brain with a computer, then a stupid person will be less powerful, so to speak.

  • Stupidity is both conscious and unconscious; so one nonsense - out of himself, the other - pleases ...

  • Word folly is used in at least two cases:

    1 Stupidity is called weak human intelligence. This is when a person either knows very little, or knows something, but at the right moment this knowledge does not come to his mind. A foolish person does not tend to analyze himself and the world around him, he rather does not lead his life, but is led by surrounding influences, that is, he moves chaos.

    2 Also, some words or actions are sometimes called stupidity, which seem absurd, ridiculous, illogical, rash. For example, somebody said some statement, and the disagreement with this can say: You say stupidity!

  • In my opinion, stupidity is the inability to understand the elementary things that we have been taught since childhood, in other words - by stupidity we mean the limitations of the human intellect, its lack of ability. Personally, I consider stupid those people who do not listen to wise advice.

  • Stupidity is the same as wisdom, but vice versa))

  • Stupidity - illogicality and inability to reason with reason.

    Sometimes, he shows himself to be stubborn and self-righteous.

    quot; stupid; = stupid, empty. That is, a person is empty, without a mind.

    Stupidity, delirium and nonsense are synonyms for the word stupidity.

    What is stupidity?

    from. Montaigne

  • There are a lot of faces for stupidity, that's why it's limitless 🙂

    • The simplest stupidity is the inherent limitations of the intellect. Clinical idiocy, debilizim, well, and imbitsily - from the same series.
    • Congenital social stupidity is autism. Here a person can be in many respects - clever, even genial. But in social relations - a fool is hopeless.
    • Stupidity, as not the fitness of the mind to these specific conditions. From a mild inadequacy and impractical education - to full-scale schizophrenia - a hopeless detachment from the surrounding reality.
    • Misunderstanding of the boundaries of one's own competence. Can reach megalomania. In such cases, the stupidity is done by a person who can be quite smart - within his competence. Which, just - does not understand. It's a terrible thing when such an individual is purposeful, active, active and ambitious. Such - often beaten in the bosses. They are not just able to destroy any business, they can bring any business to disaster, literally on level ground. Up to human casualties ...
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