What does a witch look like?

What does a witch look like?

  • As an ordinary woman is beautiful, sometimes not. Dress like everyone else, depends on well-being. Just like all women want a comfortable and rich husband. Eyes can also be of different colors. The strength of a look depends on the power transferred by inheritance, or acquired. A curative trait from other women can be learned only when you get acquainted and start to feel bad. They, unlike those we see on TV screens, hide their mission carefully.

  • my wife (a witch) told me - usually a few external signs are present simultaneously. but this is not some standard set. for example, a mole below the corner of the mouth is one of the signs. but if it's the only one, then just a meaningless coincidence. read the "hammer of the witch"; there is certainly a lot of shit, cruelty, but the external signs are collected very carefully, the wife herself admitted. but as for me, it's easiest to check in communication. for example, the real, "professional", the witch seldom apologizes, and if he apologizes, never, I repeat, never say the phrase "quot; I apologize for that and that and that". it is in them at the level of the instinct of self-preservation laid. repeatedly tried, never failed, even funny somehow. about the same it is written and in a hammer to a witch, strangely enough, specially checked

  • There are instances that have the classic appearance of a witch, especially pronounced in old age. Such women have a long hooked nose, thin lips, they stoop, look frowning, unkind, narrowed. In general, the appearance is often the most ordinary, but always the eyes of the witch will be given away, as if they are bottomless and glow with some kind of inner light. Eyes of witches are usually blue and black. When looking directly into the eyes of a witch, I want to look away, because they have a strong energy, which suppresses, sometimes physically feels discomfort in their presence. I knew one such woman, so I feed my feelings.

  • We live in the modern world and in the age of technology, and of course the witch will not fly on a broomstick and what is different from other people externally. Now witches have their centers where days accept the sufferers who go to them for help.

    The modern witch is an ordinary woman in appearance. Sometimes she can be different with clothes or some accessories, massive rings, bracelets, charms and others.

    They can be very beautiful and ordinary, but they always have strong energy, and the person who understands this can feel its strong vibrations. Some witches can be energy vampires and then energy is collected, and this can also be felt.

  • I read ... thought ... all descriptions here, I'm a real witch))))) And what? Red-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful and do not feel pain)))) And what else I say, it's always performed. Uh, and where now to go now the real witch?

  • A witch can be no different from an ordinary woman or girl. Is it only a special heavy and piercing eyes. And if she wants, then this look will hide. This is the question the witch herself answered. By the way, a very beautiful, intelligent, hospitable, positive and knowledgeable young woman.

    If the wife is a witch, is it easy to live with her husband?

  • The modern witch I think is very different from those described in fairy tales, they no longer fly on broomsticks and certainly on their noses there are no warts from the face. Now they just prefer to wear black-colored clothes with the same hair color. But about the brewing of frogs and rat tails, I think that little has changed, the recipes however do not change

  • The witch looks like the most ordinary woman. In the crowd and distinguish. Unless the look can be some special: more attentive, tenacious. Appearance it can be any. Now the witch, by the color of his hair and eyes, can not determine how the near-by inquisitors came in the Middle Ages. And otherwise she is the same woman as everyone else. She can have a family, children, a husband, who need to be fed, given them attention, etc. And also work. Do not you think that all the witches sit in their elephants all the time and conduct various rituals and conspiracies read. And she dresses in the same shops as all the other women. She simply has a gift given from above or inherited. She simply knows and knows more than others. To think that witches bring only evil is prejudice.

  • In the Middle Ages, witches were recognized by some distinctive features distinguishing them from the main mass of their fellow tribesmen. In addition to red hair and eyes of different colors, it could be both external flaws (squint, congenital deformities, injury), and rare, exceptional beauty ... Also on the body of the witch there should be a so-called. quot; seal of the devilquot; - a place in which a person absolutely did not feel pain. They were always looking for him through torture ... Modern witches outwardly are not very different from ordinary people, except that with their love for dark color ...

    What does a witch look like?

  • Hello! In general, I have this situation in my environment, I have one woman, it strikes me as odd, when she next to me it becomes bad, on the other hand I feel sorry for her. can I call her a witch ??

  • If a witch is experienced and does not want to be identified as a witch, then you cannot define her, only a look can give her away, if you look into her eyes you have a strong and unpleasant feeling that you are either strongly repulsed by something or vice versa . From them strongly blows strangeness, unusual.

  • What does a witch look like?

    Modern witches do not stand out with any bright details. It can be quite an ordinary woman, not even necessarily a brunette.

    If a woman always dresses in black, wears some sort of paraphernalia, she most likely just tries to create such an image, but she does not have real abilities.

    A real witch can not be distinguished by appearance, you can only feel her energy. In my opinion so.

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