What is the joy?

What is the joy?

  • What a great and all-embracing feeling for me is joy! And at me it seldom happens silent, unless, when it is really necessary to hide it. But it seems to me, then she finds a way out through the eyes - and then it is definitely not concealed, only you can disguise.

    Joy is a piece of happiness, it raises the mood and vitality, it makes you act, smile, be kinder. Positive emotions always, it seems to me, make any person a little kinder.

    The reason for joy can be anything: a good assessment, a successful and well-conceived and accomplished work, an unexpectedly tasty first-prepared dish, a smile of a child, a wet nose of a puppy ...

    Even a distant balloon released by someone into the sky can cause echoes of joy in the soul.

    It seems to me that there is no reason to seek for joy - it is enough to just look around, to look at this world.

    I want to wish everyone Joy!

    What is the joy?

  • When do you get what you want, what do you experience? Imagine that the cherished dream has come true, what feelings arise? This is what joy is.

  • Joy is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world ... If a person is able to experience joy, then he knows how to live. Joy is so different! ... It is childish - naive and carefree; there is also the joy of youth - it is full and full of dreams; there is the joy of love - it is tremulous and unique; there is mother's joy - she is the most sacred ...

    But is this all its characteristics? No ... Joy can not be described in words, you can only try to convey your own perception of this feeling ...!

    That's what she is!

  • Very unexpected. It happens that I really wanted something, but it did not work. And then suddenly it happens

  • Unforgettable, huge, long-awaited - for example, from the birth of a long-awaited baby.

  • The purest joy is the first and especially the children's.

    The joy of the birth of the child, the first ray of the sun, the first steps, the first words. Such joy as a child no longer exists.

    What is the joy?

    Joy of love and love - it is bright and colorful. The lovers look at the world with their own eyes, they see only bright and joyful moments.

    What is the joy?

    Joy of the mother - the strongest and quietest, the most stable and wise, the pride of your child, the joy of any success.

    What is the joy?

    Everyone has his own joy, its color, its tone, its saturation, and even its sound, only it is inside us: from a ringing bell to loud fanfares.

    If the joy is so beautiful, maybe it should not be hidden? Maybe she should share with others. If everyone gives each his own colored piece of joy, then the world will become more vivid and will resemble a rainbow.

  • I think that the following definitions can be applied to the concept of joy:

    The long-awaited, all-encompassing, unintentional, unexpected, huge, strong, great, nationwide, personal, social, alien, human, real, lonely, quiet, loud, and many, many others! Each person has her own, everyone has their own shades and nuances, motives, reasons and effects on the body.

  • Joy happens:

    • great
    • great
    • stormy
    • open
    • silent
    • accidental
    • sincere
    • net
    • instantaneous
    • acute
    • solitary
    • overall
    • greatest
    • cardiac
    • unexpected
    • weak
    • strong
    • easy
    • good

    Joy is very different, but it always brings with it a feeling of happiness and fullness of life. Let's be more happy!

    What is the joy?

  • There are in fact two types of joy:

    • The first person draws from the material external world.
    • The second person radiates from within. 🙂

    The most harmonious state of a person is the production of one's own joy, and not consumerism. That is the second option, not the first one.

    In the modern world, a person is simply in pursuit - looking for joy in money, sensual pleasures, shopping, travel and, of course, food! He gets some excerpts of joy, but they are incomplete, he wants more and more, another, not that! And more and more, more! 🙂 And when life develops in such a way that a person loses all this joy, a person turns into a dull pessimist, who despondingly lives on this Earth, in misfortune and without joy. Or if external joys are temporarily deprived - it is depression, despondency, sadness, sadness.

    In a person who himself radiates joy from within, joy does not depend on external circumstances!! He recharges himself with positive thinking, optimism, anecdotes, humor. He is always happy, apparently, from the fact that he found his meaning and purpose. Most likely, this person loves life and the world, the main core of a positive and happy person is love in any way, without it you will quickly become a person whom I described above - looking for joy in external circumstances. This is the kind of joy that a person has in his soul, the most pleasant. And by the way, it is also useful, especially for the cardiovascular system. When a person does not experience joy inside, but seeks it in money, for example, from the point of view of psychosomatic, this can lead to heart disease. When in food - to diabetes, obesity and not only. Diseases of the blood also from lack of joy. And eye diseases (when they are not happy to look at what is happening or the future), too, from here.

    Phrase on this topic:

    What is the joy?

    Therefore, rejoice inside always, be positive! This is useful not only for health, but also for the spirit in general.

    What is the joy?

  • Thank you, Earl, you wonder! However, there is a point here ubiquitous:

    A normal user wants to mix everything up - And he does not know how to separate feelings from emotions.

    Emotion is joy and there is joy-feeling: I agree that you need here a famous art

    For distinctions and demarcations, Especially since in the language there are no words specific for such notation.

    In addition, joy can be physical, spiritual and energy.

    Compare: the child - muscle joy, And someone steals or did something else disgusting

    And my subject is also glad. The scientist is an intellectual treasure

    He keeps his treasure, Ecstasy, the divine saint.

    From heaven descends and grace. And someone likes to eat and drink and sleep sweetly.

    As you know, there is a place for all kinds of joy on the ladder of energy potential.

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