Can I pray for a suicide? How to pray for a suicide?

Can I pray for a suicide? How to pray for a suicide?

  • In this issue, the least you need to rely on your own opinion. From time immemorial the church does not pray

    Can I pray for a suicide? How to pray for a suicide?

    At the same time, Anastasia Tsvetaeva (sister of the poetess) received a blessing a quarter of a century ago. funeral Marina

    Therefore, the question of how to pray in such cases, it is necessary to decide with the priest. Better, of course, with someone who knows the problems of this family, including the one who made such a difficult decision. If such a priest does not have a family, then you can go to the nearest (or the one to which the soul is) a temple or a monastery.

    Perhaps relatives (or close friends) will be given a blessing to read

    Can I pray for a suicide? How to pray for a suicide?

    For grieving relatives recently committed rite of prayer consolation.

    Sometimes priests themselves in prayer prayers commemorate suicides. In particular, mention of this is in the writings of Metropolitan Veniamin, where you can find and

    CANON about the self-willed belly of its deceased.

    Of course, the relatives themselves, without blessing, should not read it.

    Некоторые аспекты этой темы отражены и в ответах на вопрос о поминании самоубиенных.

  • As the famous theologian says Alexey Ilyich Osipov: quot; pray for them can and even necessaryquot ;.

    According to ecclesiastical rules it is not customary to funnel a deliberate suicide. But there are exceptions (absentia funeral service, or a suicide before death had time to repent and receive forgiveness from God, or committed a grave sin in a state of insanity, obsession or unconsciousness).

    Praying for a suicide is necessary at home. The priest can pray for him for him. More details about the words that need to be spoken can be read here.

    In the village Mugreevo-Nikolsky (* the former patrimony of Dmitry Pozharsky, from where he was invited to the Voivodship II militia *) was Church of Saint Huar (* First wrote there, but later found out that the wooden church of Uara burnt down at the end of 2007 year *).

    In this church from all over Russia came to pray for suicides and other "unprovoked"; sinners: bandits, drug addicts, prostitutes. And also unbaptized.

    The Holy Martyr Ouar suffered for the faith of Christ, but died not being baptized. That is why it is to him that they go to pray for unbaptized, suicides and other "unprovoked"; sinners.

    According to some reports, there are going to build a new temple of Saint Huar on the site of the burnt church.

  • It is possible and even necessary, since despite all that, he was also a man, although he violated the commandment. But are we to be judged alive ?!

    According to the canons of the Orthodox Church, suicides do not perform burial service and do not perform funeral services for them, therefore, their prayers to the Lord are very important for the deceased. How to pray? In his words and from the heart that God forgave this man for what he did to the soul of the deceased was not a bad fate. Of course, you can put candles in the temple and at home, as well as give alms for the deceased. Serve and say: "Lord, accept"; After all, the suicide himself can not do anything.

  • I was very interested in this issue, I really wanted to put a candle in the church for a suicide.

    But alas, in the church for suicides do not pray, do not perform the burial service, do not serve the funeral, and candles in the church for a suicide can not be set.

    Praying and putting a candle can only be at home. And you can do this as often as possible.

    In addition, there is a special commemorative Saturday, when commemorated is the suicide.

    I was also told that from any rule there are exceptions. And if the suicide is not healthy, then you can get permission for prayer and funeral service in the church.

    But it needs to be discussed with the father. It is not excluded that the father will want to see the information about the mental state of a person.

    Because, that diagnosis, which you put, can be erroneous.

    And pray at home. Who should try to help the soul of a suicide. Suicide is considered to be the most serious mortal sin.

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