Phraseologisms with the word hand, examples?

Phraseologisms with the word hand, examples?

  • To strike the hands (agree), to hand it near (close), to have something at hand, to get under the arm, to give (to someone) on the hands, to be on hand, to extend a helping hand, to be with both hands " to lay hands on yourself, to sit idly by, to be unclean by the hand, with (someone else's) hand, to get under the hot hand, a light hand, a heavy hand, sleep in the hand, wash your hands, hands dirty, ask (someone's hand, then) hands without restraint, hand on heart, put your hand, without (someone, something) like without hands, it is in hand asking, with hands tearing off, falling out of hands, getting off with hands , the hand of someone's hands, the hand does not rise, as if it were taken off by hand, the golden hands, to pass from hand to hand, to go hand in hand, to control oneself, to get out of hand, get out of hand badly, hastily .

  • For some reason, I recall some expressions, phrases, sayings, in which the main character is the hand:

    one's own hand

    hand washes the hand

    the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing

    heavy hand

    pull yourself together

    skillful fingers

    with one hand and you can not tighten the knot


  • The most famous phraseological units with the word hand are:

    1. Skillful fingers.
    2. Hands are not from that place grow.
    3. Rubbing his hands.
    4. The hand washes the hand.
    5. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    6. As a hand it took off.
    7. Sleep in the arm.
    8. As without hands.
  • the hand is full, the hand does not falter, the hand does not lean, the hand does not become impoverished, hand in hand, the hand does not rise, the hand itches, you can not divide it with your hands.

  • I came to mind the following phraseological units associated with the word "HANDS":

    • Skillful fingers.
    • To speak under the ARM.
    • With a light arm.
    • As without ARM.
    • Pull yourself together.
    • As the HAND has removed.
    • Generous ARM.
    • Putting the ARM on the heart.
    • HANDS do not grow from there.
    • Sit in one's hands.
    • Sleep in the ARM.
    • Handyman.

    Of course, there are many more.

  • If you look at the Russian stable phrases, then among them there are many phraseological units in which different parts of the human body appear: the head, leg, tongue, and including the hand.

    With the word "hand"; we recall such ready-made lexical units as a result of the age-old creativity of the people:

    out of hand bad (disgusting);

    from hand to hand (directly);

    not with the hand (uncomfortable);

    hand on heart (sincerely);

    to spread one's hands (to be very surprised, to be puzzled);

    with a light hand (for someone else's lucky example);

    rub your hands (gloat).

  • With the word hand there is simply a huge number of phraseological units. For example: golden hands, kind hands, caring hands, a generous hand, a handyman, a hand wipes, an easy hand, a heavy hand, like without hands, hands do not grow from there, long arms, a helping hand, to speak by the hand, , drop your hands, pull yourself together, put your hand on your heart, how your hand took off, fell under the hot hand.

  • Sometimes phrases and proverbs are mixed with phraseology, but in the case of the word "hand"; phraseology is easier to remember than folk wisdom.

    The most common expression is "sleep in the hand".

    and there is still this

    Phraseologisms with the word hand, examples?

  • I believe that with the word RUKA, there are quite a lot of phraseological units. As examples, I can name the following:

    1. The hand washes the hand.
    2. The left hand does not know what the right hand does.
    3. With a light hand.
    4. Rub hands.
    5. Hit the hands.
    6. Wash your hands.
  • With this word is associated a lot of phraseological units, since without hands the activity of a person is extremely difficult. So,

    right hand (someone important, assistant),

    as without hands (that, without which it is impossible to do without),

    sleep in the hand (prophetic, which can come true, anticipates events),

    hands to tear off (about a man who did not do it right),

    with a light hand (simply, in one fell swoop),

    golden hands (about the master, the professional of his business),

    a heavy (light) hand,

    sit back (sit back, idle),

    get under the hot hand,

    to speak by the hand (to interfere),

    to fill a hand (gradually doing something well),

    to lower hands (to despair, be disappointed),

    hands do not reach,

    have on hand,

    get away with it,

    in a hurry (fast).

  • With the word "hand"; there are following stable expressions:

    "It's better to have a bird in your hand than a crane in the sky," which means you need to appreciate what you have,

    hands not from that place grow; means that a person does everything wrong,

    quot; gold handsquot; or quot; all-hands-masterquot; means that everything in a person is obtained, which do not touch,

    "as the hand took off", which means quickly passed,

    "wash your hands"; means to hide,

    "to strike at the hands"; means to agree,

    "sit, idle"; means nothing to do,

    put your hand on the heart; means sincerely,

    "go hand in hand"; means to walk together,

    without him as without hands; means that someone or something for a person is very important.

    1. Under the hot hand (to find a man in a bad mood)
    2. Golden hands (of all things master)
    3. Hand to file (very close)
    4. Keep yourself in hand (do not be nervous, calm down)
    5. A light hand (for example, a hairdresser)
    6. As the hand took off (quickly passed the pain)
    7. Hand on heart (tell the truth)
    8. Be on hand (always be near)
    9. First-hand (original)
    10. Give up (do not pay too much attention)
    11. Raise your hands (no words)
    12. Lower your hands (lose your desire, do something)
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