How do you spell a yonok or a female?

How do you spell a yonok or a female?

  • Good afternoon, let's try to figure out which option is correct: a young man or a girl.

    The first will be defined with the part of speech, to the given word it is possible to ask a question: quot; Who? quot;, and hence the word hedgehog * nok is a noun.

    There is a rule that shows which letter is spelled о or at the root after sizzling, let's try to understand, you can apply it for our word. We will analyze it by its composition.

    First we look for the ending: hedgehog *, hedgehog *, hedgehog * nkom. It turns out the ending in the word hedgehog * nok zero.

    We choose the root words: ж, жиком. The root of the word is: ж.

    So the problematic vowel is not at the root. Then use the rule to write suffixes. incubus и nok. According to him, the suffix nok Do not write after sizzling, correctly write the given word: dapper.

  • The word ezhonok can be written in different ways. But the correct writing of it is just such a day. Through the letter o.

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