How do you spell work or work?

How do you spell work or work?

  • Correctly to write "quot; you work", according to the rule of the Russian language about writing the present verb of the 2 person. Example: eat, walk, teach, etc.

  • Correctly to write quot; you work; with a soft sign

  • Correctly to write quot; you work; with a soft sign, since this initial form of the verb and according to the rules of the Russian language the word must be written with a soft sign on the end. And there are a lot of such words (this rule) therefore I advise you to remember

  • Good day, let's define it, you need a soft sign in this word.

    The first thing you can try to determine is what part of the speech is before us.

    To do this, we must choose a question to which our word will answer.

    The question is: "What are you doing?". Hence it is a verb.

    Следующий шаг, смотрим правила русского языка, которые разъясняют, когда пишем в глаголах мягкий знак после шипящих, можно, например, посмотреть это правило по данной ссылке.

    According to him, in the verbs of the second person present tense at the end of the sibilant consonant letter, you must write a soft sign. It suits us, but the right answer: you work.

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