What are the synonyms for the word good?

What are the synonyms for the word good?

  • to the word kind, you can apply and pick up these synonyms from the Russian language of the word:

    • virtuous and humane
    • tolerant and humane
    • good-natured, valiant
    • good, the soul of a man
    • benign and kind.
  • Gracious, merciful, generous, good, good.

  • In the mouths of different people the word "good"; can sound differently, different meanings. For someone good - it's friendly, affable, good-natured; for someone - generous; for someone - without malice; for someone - a philanthropist; for someone - just good.

    And yet much depends on the situation when this word is used. But in general, good is a complex, multifaceted and beautiful word that there can be many synonyms for this concept.

    1. synonym - a gentle,
    2. synonym - understanding,
    3. synonym - good-natured,
    4. synonym - good,
    5. -th synonym - humane,
    6. -th synonym - polite,
    7. synonym - sincere,
    8. synonym - spiritual,
    9. synonym - holy,
    10. synonym - affectionate,
    11. -th synonym - a philanthropic,
    12. synonym - sympathetic
  • Good quality kindness! A kind person, in other words (that is, we choose the words-synonyms), is a gentle person, or kind-hearted, sympathetic, human, gentle, understanding, good-natured, good, humane, polite, spiritual, spiritual, holy, affectionate, philanthropic, sympathetic.

  • I would still add the following synonyms to the word KIND: kindhearted, sincere, cordial, sympathetic, sensitive, golden heart, merciful, kind-hearted, philanthropic, sympathetic, without malice.

  • Kind - merciful, understanding, humane, sincere, pleasant, cordial, good, humane, humane, tolerant, tolerant, decent, correct, inspiring, affable, affable, complacent, generous, generous, benevolent, respectable.

  • The simplest solution is to look into the dictionary of synonyms. So for sure you will find the synonyms you need.

    Even easier - remember the rules of the Russian language, which you learned at school

    So - synonyms for the word "quot; the following:

    heartfelt, sincere, generous, merciful

    As you can see nothing difficult.

  • Great question. Adjective good characterizes one of the best, worthy qualities of a person. Without him, the person is dry, stale, and with it touching, soft, human.

    And this word has a lot of synonyms.

    What are the synonyms for the word good?

    Here comes the long-awaited 2015 year. We met him joyfully, with excitement, solemnly. Most of us met him at the festive New Year's table with his families.

    The most kind and sympathetic of us thanked each other for good deeds and congratulated on this event.

    I want to thank those who congratulated (and congratulate :) me with the New Year !!! Thank you, my good, (the synonyms went) good-natured, benevolent, virtuous, humane, kind-hearted, merciful, benevolent, sympathetic, humane, kind-hearted, Pregnant, sympathetic, sensitive, cordial, compassionate (say enough synonyms, as you say- :).

    What are the synonyms for the word good?

    What are the synonyms for the word good?

    Farewell, 2014! Hello, good 2015 !!! Happy New Year!!!

  • By the way "quot;goodquot; you can choose many similar words, for example, the word "quot;goodquot ;, and even, the words quot;good quot ;, quot; decent; quot ;, quot; good-natured; quot ;, mercifulquot; quot ;, sincerequot; quot; good; quot ;, cardiacquot; quot; humane;.

  • Synonyms for "quot; kindly":

    • good,
    • affectionate,
    • sensitive,
    • trouble-free,
    • selfless,
    • irreproachable,
    • noble,
    • gallant,
    • impressionable,
    • right,
    • generous,
    • good-natured,
    • kind,
    • virtuous,
    • heartfelt,
    • valiant,
    • worthy,
    • good-natured,
    • suitable,
    • glorious,
    • light coloured,
    • compassionate,
    • sincere,
    • kind,
    • merciful,
    • gracious,
    • cute,
    • courteous,
    • charming,
    • quick-witted,
    • lazy,
    • decent,
    • friendly,
    • worthwhile,
    • friendly,
    • glad,
    • humble,
    • cordial,
    • humane,
    • philanthropic,
    • indulgent,
    • tolerant,
    • beautiful,
    • warm,
    • caring,
    • suitable,
    • pleasant,
    • plain,
    • bold,
    • correct, etc.
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