What kind of words: hidalgo, NATO, salami, penalty shootout, apprentice, blinds?

What kind of words: hidalgo, NATO, salami, penalty shootout, apprentice, blinds?

  • hidalgo - plural


    salami - f. sausage

    a penalty - Wed, just remember

    journeyman is he

    blinds - Wed. Well, estimate yourself: beautiful blinds (jalousie ?;)), beautiful blinds, beautiful blinds.

  • The noun Hidalgo denotes the title, which was awarded to the Spanish noblemen, men and consequently, despite the fact that this word is indeclinable, it refers to the masculine gender. Example: Brave hidalgo, mustached hidalgo.

    Noun NATO is a borrowed abbreviation, and for such abbreviations the principle of the defining word does not work. And although NATO is an organization, we refer it to the masculine clan as a military bloc. Example: Aggressive NATO.

    Noun Salami is a sort of sausage and therefore it should be attributed to the feminine gender as the word sausage. Example Delicious salami, overdue salami.

    Noun Penalty is the name of the strike and therefore we refer it to the masculine gender: penalty Penalty, winning penalty.

    The noun Apprentice stands for the profession of the man, the helper of the master, and therefore we refer him to the masculine gender: Skillful apprentice, lazy apprentice.

    Noun Blinds turns out to be indeclinable and inanimate, and therefore we attribute it to the middle genus, according to the corresponding rule of the Russian language: An example of elegant blinds, broken shutters.

    • Hidalgo - a petty knight, a nobleman in medieval Spain; THE MALE GENUS.

    The genus of abbreviations is usually determined by the reference word in the abbreviation. Therefore:

    • NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization, North Atlantic Alliance; can act as a word with a feminine gender, and as a word with a male, but preferable to the MALE.
    • Salami - smoked sausage with the addition of spices and small pieces of fat; FEMININE.
    • Penalty - in football: a free kick to the opponent's goal from a distance of eleven meters; can be used as a word in the masculine gender, and as a word in the middle genus, both variants are permissible; MEN'S or AVERAGE GENUS.
    • An apprentice is a craftsman: a student or an assistant master, who performs work that requires sufficient qualification; THE MALE GENUS.
    • Blinds - window curtains of wooden plates fastened with cords; you might think that this word is in the plural and therefore does not have a genus or it is not indicated, but the given word is one of those words that are simultaneously used in any of the genera and plural. Therefore, the average age and multiplicity.
  • HIDALGO - a noun of the masculine gender. In medieval Spain, the so-called knights, sons belonging to the noble family.

    НАТО (Organization North Atlantic Treaty) is feminine, because it is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of words, of which the full name consists. In this case, the genus is determined by the genus of the leader, the main word in the name.

    SALAMI - noun feminine, by analogy with the generic concept SAUSAGE.

    PENALTY - noun masculine by analogy with the Russian synonym free kick.

    JOURNEYMAN - masculine by analogy with the synonym pupil master.

    JALOUSIE is the word-exception. It can be used in the middle genus (striped blinds) and (more often) in the plural (beautiful blinds).

  • So, let's look at what kind of word belongs to this or that word:

    1). Word Hidalgo - we refer to the masculine gender;

    2). The word, or rather the abbreviation НАТО - most often referred to the masculine gender, but sometimes you can meet and use in the feminine gender;

    3). Delicious word Salami refers to the female gender;

    4). Sports / soccer concept - word Penalty, which means 11 - meter free kick (for violation of rules within the penalty area by the defending team) - masculine;

    5). Word Journeyman - although it ends in -e- (and by mistake it can be attributed to the middle genus), but refers to the masculine gender;

    6). And, finally, the word Jalousie refers to the middle genus.

  • In order to easily determine the genus of the noun, take a visual clue

    What kind of words: hidalgo, NATO, salami, penalty shootout, apprentice, blinds?

    If someone has difficulty understanding in general rules defining the genus у существительных, то сначала можно прочесть данный вопрос.

    So, we turn to the words we have. We see that before us the words quot;hidalgoquot ;, quot; NATOquot ;, quot; salamiquot ;, quot ;, a penalty; quot; apprentice ;, quot ;, jalousiequot ;.

    To the masculine gender, we are referring to the words:

    • hidalgo. Here we take as a basis the auxiliary word quot; myquot; and the meaning of the word "knight";
    • NATO. This is not a word, but an abbreviation for a military bloc. Block whose? My.
    • penalty. Sometimes it is mistakenly attributed a penalty to a female gender, but this is not correct. Penalty - a blow. Kick whose? My.
    • journeyman. We look at the meaning of the word. The apprentice is a scientist. Whose? My.

    To the female gender

    • salami. This is the kind of sausage. Whose sausage whose? My.

    And the last words are the blinds refer to the middle genus. Word is an exception.

  • There are a lot of options. Hidalgo is a man, a Spanish nobleman like Don Quixote. - masculine gender.

    NATO - an abbreviation and not translated into Russian, very militant towards Russia. Therefore, masculine.

    Salami - sausage, neuter

    Penalty - only neuter

    The apprentice - yet not grown up to the master, scurrying under him, but all the same man is a masculine gender

    Blinds - the French word, is used only in the plural form

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