Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

  • In the picture Vasnetsov depicts three Russian heroes:

    Left - Dobrynya Nikitich;

    on the right - Alsha Popovich;

    in the center - Ilya Muromets.

    These heroes are all known folk Russian fairy tales and epics. The heroes are symbols of honor, valor, courage, strength, truth, wisdom. The heroes were an element of education and imitation in Russia.

  • Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

    Composition of the world-famous picture of Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov "Bogatyri"; is understandable even to children, because it was represented by any three images of Russian epics that defended the Russian land from raids and evil monsters.

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

  • The famous painting. Probably every schoolboy writes an essay on it. There are three heroes drawn in the painting. This is also the well-known characters of fairy tales and epics. And by the way, even cartoons. Their names are: Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovich.

  • Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

    In the picture Vasnetsov VM. "Three heroes"; depicts Russian epic heroes - on the left Dobrynia Nikitich, in the middle - Ilya Muromets, and on the right - Alyosha Popovich.

    They deserve to themselves the glory of saving the Russian land from a foe (enemy) - Polovtsians.

    It is said that one mace Ilyusha Muromsky weighed about 90 poods ...)

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

  • I remember that this picture is fine, because her reproduction hung at my grandmother on the wall and remember the heroes I could probably have been at the age of seven.

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

    So in the center of this picture is - the most famous and revered hero, namely - Ilya of Murom - Ilyusha the Russians simply idolized, it is said that Ilya lay on the stove exactly 33 a year, and then showed everyone who is who.

    The second hero (who is on the left) is Dobrynia Nikitich, many characterize this hero as a kind and sincere person.

    Well, the youngest and hottest of the trio - Alyosha Popovich - a strong and agile guy, always rushing into battle.

  • Of course, the picture depicts three famous heroes from Russian epics: Dobrynya Nikitich (on the left, on a white horse), Ilya Muromets (in the middle, looking afar) and Alyosha Popovich (respectively, on the right on a red horse, the youngest of the warriors).

    Three heroes

  • This is one of the most famous paintings of Russian culture. She belongs to Vasnetsov's pen and I remember her from an old Russian language textbook. Vasnetsov generally depicted the heroes and plots of Russian folk tales, legends and epics.

    In the picture "3 heroes"; elected:

    Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich.

    According to the epics and legends these heroes (or their prototypes) lived at different times, at different times of Rus' development and therefore their simultaneous portrayal is the artist's fiction. Nevertheless, they embody the power, strength, wit of heroes.

  • It is interesting that over the picture Viktor Vasnetsov worked quite a long time, more than 20-ти years. In this picture, the author depicted on horseback three of the brave heroes of ancient Russia, namely, if to call from the left to the right is:

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

  • The picture of "quot; Bogatyri"; wrote Victor Vasnetsov in 1898 year. For about twenty years the artist drew this masterpiece.

    The author himself in his writings gave an answer to the question, who is depicted in his picture, what kind of hero of the Russian land:

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

    From his words we see that he portrayed the main heroes of the Russian epics: Alsha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets.

    Who is depicted in Vasnetsov's "Three heroes" (photo)?

  • The picture of Viktor Vasnetsov depicts the heroes, defenders of Russia. Their names are (from left to right) - Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets, Alyosha Popovich.

    Artist Viktor Vasnetsov worked on the picture for more than twenty years! At the end of the nineteenth century, this painting was bought by the collector Tretyakov and exhibited in his gallery.

  • In the picture VM Vasnetsov depicts three heroes. Heroes mighty, brave people, defenders of the fatherland. They look sharp into the distance, as they guard the borders of Russia. And these three mighty men are ready to enter into battle with the enemies of Russia at any moment. They fulfill their heroic duty and are confident of the truth of their work. The expression of their faces is serious, cold-blooded, a terrible look. These three heroes are Dobrynia Nikitich, Ilya Muromets and Alsha Popovich. All these brave souls are full of dignity, majestic and very collected, ready to fight at any moment, not for life, but for death. They are very confident in themselves and ready to die for Russia.

    Ilya Muromets hero epic is located in the very center of the picture. A peasant son from the village of Karacharovo from the city of Murom is the oldest and mightiest warrior. He is not rich, but it shows that he does not need wealth. He is dressed simply. On Ilya Muromets simple mail, a rough gray mitten and the most usual boots in color to brown trousers. He easily holds a club that weighs over four hundred pounds. Also Elijah Murometz holds a large spear, which is placed in the center of the picture, this indicates that he can cope with such a large weapon. His peasant background is visible on his face. It is wide with large cheekbones. He stares out of the corner. His eyes are very serious, and his brows are frowned. Ilya Muromets sits on a mighty black crow. His horse is as heavy as the earth, and very handsome. This horse is like a master. The harness at the horse is beautiful, and it seems that when it jumps, the bells ring. The horse looks with a slight reproach in the same direction as the master. I think that Ilya Muromets takes good care of his horse, because he is well-groomed, cheerful and great.

    Dobrynya Nikitich the son of the Ryazan prince is to the left of Ilya Muromets. He is rich. At nm is wearing rich mail, his shield is decorated with pearls, gold sheath and sword hilt. His eagle look is severe. His beard is well-groomed and long. He is far-sighted. Dobrynya Nikitich is younger than Ilya Muromets. His horse is beautiful and white. His harness perfectly looks on the nm, and moreover she is very rich. The mane of a horse is like a woman's hair, well-groomed and fluttering in the wind. In some bylinas it is said that the horse's name is Belyushka. This horse is fast, like the wind. He as if tells the master that the enemy is near.

    Alsha Popovich was born in the family of a priest. He is not richly dressed, but he is not poor either. His chain mail and helmet shine. He is the youngest and has no beard. Alsha is thin. His gaze slightly slanting away. His gaze is evil, since it seems that he is plotting some trick. He holds his favorite bow weapon. His bow is ripped, Tevotochka is salted, and the arrow is fast. He carries a harp with him. Sits Alsha Popovich on a red horse with a white speck on his forehead. His mane is light, beautiful and well-groomed. The knight of the hero is hot as fire.

    I think that Vasnetsov managed to convey the uneasiness of that historical time when in Russia there were heroic outposts through heavy clouds and thunderclouds over Rus. Also through a strong wind that is visible through the waving of the mane and the tails of horses and over swaying grass.

    I believe that the artist shows the might of the heroes and creates the monumentality of their images, since they occupy a huge area in the picture. Also Vasnetsov raises the horizon line, and the figures of the horses go to the sky. Vasnetsov portrayed small pieces of small pieces, and the bogatyrs are large, and this will create a contrast between the bars and large figures and undermines the power of the bogatyrs.

  • Chobotok - Sashka son Popovich - Vasnetsov-Dobrynya (autoprt)

  • Chobotok - Sashka Popovich - Vasnetsov-Dobrynya

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