please explain intelligibly about stop loss, take profit

please explain intelligibly about stop loss, take profit

  1. yes nafik it all ... stood in a position, put up a stop and sit ... in the prog many functions, but very few people use them ... and nothing - work successfully
  2. full layout with pictures in the reference to the terminal MT4, download in any DC and see
  3. link is blocked by the decision of the project administration literate forex forum, real help for newbies
  4. A very accessible explanation of the first term (with examples), see article "What is a stop loss?"
    And this article "What is a take profit?"
    I also recommend that you study articles "How to work with stops?",
    "Stop loss", "MetaTrader 4 User's Guide: Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders".
  5. this is an order, in other words, orders the broker to sell / buy a financial instrument, for example, a share at a specific price. When the market price reaches the price specified in the order, the application is executed automatically.

    stop loss is an order to limit losses. that is, if the stock is already bought and the price has gone down, the trader knows his loss limit and knows that he should not lose more than 10%, for example. then he puts a warrant for sale at such a price, when he has -10%. tak he will limit his losses and is guaranteed not to lose more pre-agreed amount.

    Take profit is an application for closing a profitable trade at a predetermined price. works just like stop-loss, only closes a lucrative deal

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